Oglum English Subtitles High Quality

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Oglum English Subtitles High Quality
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Oglum English Subtitles

My Son English Subtitles

  • The couple Ilyas and Melike Ozyyrek live in Sile with their daughter Ceren and their 6-year-old little son Kaan. One evening, Melike, is excited to receive her first salary, rushes into the shop windows and is late for her son Kaan’s after school… Kaan, who is waiting for his mother in the garden of the school, follows a hedgehog and follows the hedgehog to a park.
  • Meanwhile, Zeynep and Tugrul’s 12-year-old son, Efe, is in the park. Efe is a boy who is out of touch with his family and his only friend is computer games. After a while, Efe realizes that Kaan has disappeared, the duo set out to go to the police station…
  • Melike and Ilyas, on the other hand, are anxiously looking for their child Kaan in the streets of Sile when they receive the news that a painful event has happened… nothing will ever be the same again…

Oglum English Subtitles

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  • Original Title: Oğlum
  • English Title: My Son
  • Genre: Drama
  • Broadcast Network: Show TV
  • Director: Gökçen Usta
  • Producer: Kerem Çatay
  • Writer: Hürer Ebeoglu, Sevgi Yılmaz
  • Cinematography: Ugur Sapaloglu

Synopsis :

  • In the trailer of the series, the lives of two children are revealed. Canan Ergüder, who is among the actors of the movie, said, “If there is a crime, there is also a criminal. Well, if the perpetrator is innocence itself, if it is a child, for example, then who is the criminal? Which one of us? All of us?”
  • According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş; Efe will appear before the audience in the role of a child who does not receive enough attention from his family, whose financial situation is good, and who tries to compensate for his emotional hunger with computer games and pictures he draws.
  • Melike and İlyas couple in the TV series “My Son” are a family living in Şile with their children. Melike gets her first salary that day and she will forget the watch while she is wandering around the store windows with the happiness of earning her own money.
  • Kaan, on the other hand, is waiting for his mother to pick him up after school. Meanwhile, Kaan sees a small hedgehog and begins to follow him. The little boy following the hedgehog finds himself in the park.
  • On the other hand, the 12-year-old son of Tuğrul and Zeynep couple, Efe, is in the park. Efe is a child whose only friend is computer games and who is very disconnected from his family.
  • Efe, who encounters Kaan in the park, will realize that Kaan has disappeared after a while, and then the two set off to go to the police station.
  • While the couple, İlyas and Melike, are anxiously searching the streets of Şile for their child Kaan, they will receive the news that a painful event has occurred. After this painful event, nothing will go as before in the lives of both families.

Synopsis And Cast :

  • The story and players of the series (My Son) are being wondered. The new series, will soon be in front of the audience on Show TV. Gökçen Usta sits in the director’s chair of the series. So, what is the story of the series (My Son), who are the players?
  • The series is getting ready to appear in front of the audience soon. The scenario of the new TV series belongs to Hürer Ebeoğlu and Sevgi Yılmaz. The names of the child actors in the series are Metehan Parıltı and Emir Kaan Özkan.
  • Among the actors actresses of the TV series (My Son), there are names such as Timur Acar, Songül Öden, Nihal Yalçın, Feyyaz Duman, Canan Ergüder, Serhat Teoman, Metehan Parıltı, Emir Kaan Özkan, Kubilay Aka, Ali Seçkiner Alıcı.

Cast :

Oglum English Subtitles

  • Nihal Yalçın
  • Feyyaz Duman
  • Songül Öden
  • Timur Acar
  • Canan Ergüder
  • Serhat Teoman
  • Kubilay Aka
  • Ali Seçkiner Alıcı
  • Metehan Parıltı
  • Emir Kaan Özkan

Plot :

  • In order to study journalism at Istanbul University, Sadık leaves his village on the Aegean coast. This angers his father, Hüseyin, who wants him to study Agricultural Engineering so he can manage the family farm. During his years at university Sadık becomes a militant in left wing politics.
  • Upon learning about Sadık’s behavior, Hüseyin disowns him.
  • However worse days are ahead for Sadık. In the early hours of the morning on 12 September 1980 Sadık’s pregnant wife starts having contractions. The couple runs outside, but they can’t find anyone to take them to the hospital, due to a curfew.
  • The country has been taken over in a military coup. Sadık’s wife gives birth in a park and dies, but their son, Deniz, possibly named after leftist youth icon Deniz Gezmiş, survives.
  • Because of his political activities, Sadık is arrested, tortured, and imprisoned for three years during which time he loses his health. A few years after being released, he finds out that he will die. Having no other choice, he takes Deniz back to his family farm on the Aegean into the care of his mother and his father, who still does not speak to him.
  • For Deniz, who is absorbed in the magical world of comic books, meeting his relatives on the farm is a new experience. There is his grandmother (Hümeyra Akbay) who drives a tractor and speaks on a short wave radio, his aunt Hanife (Binnur Kaya) who wears bracelets from her wrist all the way to her shoulder, and his uncle (Yetkin Dikinciler) who is a little naive.
  • There is trouble in store, however, for Sadık and Hüseyin who must come to terms with their past and each other. Sadık also needs to face his first love, now married with two children, and the question of old friends. However his sickness takes over and Sadık passes away. His parents take over the responsibility of Deniz who comes into term with his father’s loss.

Some Important Details About series :

  • First, as for the producer of the series, Gokcen Usta is taking on the job. The Turkish TV drama, by the way, met the audience with its first episode the last Wednesday. Ay Yapım, on the other hand, will take on the production and the directorship.
  • The project and scenario design of the TV series “My Son” belongs to Ahmet Katiksız. The brand-new Turkish series became one of the most popular TV series on social media after the producer published its trailers and posters. Hürer Ebeoğlu and Sevgi Yılmaz wrote the screenplay of the TV series “My Son”, which places two little children to the center of the story.

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