Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

Bir kucuk gunisigi

A Little Daylight

  • Elif is very much in love with Hakan. The only thing missing from their marriage is a child. While Elif is considering starting the adoption procedure, she learns that Hakan had an accident. And his life begins to change irreversibly. Fırat, on the other hand, finds the trail of his brother Dila, who has been missing for years, and brings her back home.
  • Fırat is torn between his dictatorial and oppressive mother Ümran and his rebellious and frivolous brother Dila. As Elif’s life turns upside down, Fırat is unaware of the web that fate has woven for her. The paths of Elif and Fırat cross in a way that they will never part again.
  • With its inquiring story and strong cast, the series starts on Monday, September 5, on ATV. The release date of the series, produced by NGM and produced by Nazlı Heptürk, has been announced. The dated introduction of the series met with the audience. their lead roles; The series, shared by Seray Kaya, Berk Oktay, Esra Dermancıoğlu, Tuğçe Açıkgöz, Şeyma Korkmaz Mete, Azra Aksu, Güneş Hayat, Yılmaz Bayraktar, Beren Kotan, Gizem Ünsal and Yiğit Yapıcı.
  • Written by Özgür Evren Heptürk and directed by Emre Kabakuşak, the series is about the story of Elif emerging from darkness to daylight, whose life turns upside down when she least expects it.
  • the series Special Introduction… “I’m lost, I’m in purgatory, I’m in the fight of betrayal…” Elif, who has been living in a lie for 10 years, has to start everything from scratch. Everything gets more complicated when the young woman’s path in her new life crosses with the wealthy businessman Fırat.
  • With its heart-warming narrative and heart-touching story, “Bir Küçük Gün Işığı” will lock the audience on the screen on Monday evenings. The new trailer of ATV’s brand new series, Bir Küçük Daylight, has been released! Here are the first shots from the series.

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

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Synopsis :

  • Another series comes from ATV, which has been bringing legendary TV series to screens for years with the slogan “The series is watched on ATV”: “Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi”
  • Going with the motto “You don’t know, maybe the greatest gift is the pain you think you can’t bear…”,  will be aired on ATV television with its moving story.
  • The story and screenplay of the series, produced by NGM and produced by Nazlı Heptürk, and directed by Emre Kabakuşak, belongs to Özgür Evren Heptürk.
  • How much can a woman love a man? For example, can she love him enough to be the mother of his child from another woman? Plus, when he finds out he’s been living a lie for four years…
  • When he realizes that all those words spoken, every moment that makes him feel good and safe, is a lie? Or what do you do when you suddenly find out you have a baby girl? And this millennial question: is it the mother who gives birth to a child; The one who loves him and takes care of him, waits until the morning when he is sick and brings him up? So what does a man do!?… What if he falls in love with the wife of the man he killed?

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi

  • After the success of Serai in her latest series “The Prisoner”. And after her role ended with her death. Seray Kaya has entered a new role with a new series quickly. She signed with ngm yapım to star in the series for the next season.
  • He directs the upcoming Turkish series emre kabakuşak, who has directed important and popular series such as The Ambassador’s Daughter and Explain, Black Sea.
  • It will be shown on the Ative channel. Filming will begin in mid-summer, to be shown next winter. The events of the series revolve around a dramatic framework that contains many puzzles, action and romance.
  • My Brothers NGM production company is preparing a new drama series entitled “Bir Küçük Gün Işığı”. It will be shown next season on atv
  • And the series’ slogan will be: “You never know, perhaps your greatest gift is the pain you think you can’t bear.”
  • The fact that many characters are people who hide their true identities is similar to the Maraşlı series. Surprising developments await the audience with the opening of some secrets after a death. The story of the series A Little Daylight hides secrets that will arouse the audience’s curiosity.
  • Prepared by NGM Production for ATV screens, the series starts off with the slogan “You don’t know, maybe the greatest gift is the pain you think you can’t stand…”. Emre Kabakuşak sits in the director’s chair while Özgür Evren Heptürk writes the script of the series, which fits the beauties of both Italy and Istanbul into a single series.

Filming Location

Filming took place in Italy, and the series was shot in many historical and romantic places of the country. Filming that started in Bologna continued in Venice. Drama and romantic elements are expected to dominate the series. The facts that emerged as a result of the traffic accident in the series are told.

Heroes of the series

  • The heroine of our series is actress Seray Kaya. To work that the artist was born the young and beautiful star Seray Kaya in Istanbul, Turkey on February 4, 1991 AD. She was born under the sign of Aquarius.
  • After that, she studied acting in my chest. Actress Seray Kaya was at the beginning of her career working as a beauty artist. Her dreams were to open a beauty salon and she continued that job for 7 years. Following this, she turned to art and acting, and her first start was in 2012.

Cast of  series

  • Seray Kaya as Elif
  • Berk Oktay as Fırat
  • Serif Sezer as Umran
  • Esra Dermancıoğlu,
  • Şeyma Korkmaz,
  • Beran Kotan,
  • Tuğçe Açıkgöz,
  • Yiğit Yapıcı,
  • Gizem Ünsal and
  • Azra Aksu

Seray Kaya

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Seray Kaya

  • Seray Kaya was born on February 4, 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • She studied acting at Sadri Alisik Cultural Center and took acting lessons from Ismet Üstekin for two years. Seray Kaya worked as a make-up artist for 7 years, before becoming an actress and she wants to open a beauty salon.
  • She made her television debut in 2012 in the series Huzur Sokagi. In 2014 she played in the series Kocamin Ailesi. Then in 2015, she acted briefly in the series Evli ve Öfkeli. In 2016 she played in the romantic-comedy series Gülümse Yeter.
  • Seray is playing the role of Sirin Sarikadi in the series Kadin (2017).
    – IMDb Mini Biography By: ahmetkozan
  • Seray is a fan of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Haluk Bilginer, Zerrin Tekindor, Çetin Tekindor, Vahide Gördüm.
    Seray is fluent English.
  • Her first on-screen appearance was as Miray in Kocamin Ailesi om 2014.
  • She loves animals very much and she has three dogs named Luna, Pablo and Pied.

Berk Oktay

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Berk Oktay

  • Birthdate: October 28, 1982
  • Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
  • Education: Ankara University Geology Engineering (Ankara Universitesi Jeoloji Muhendisligi)
  • Spouse: Merve Sarapcioglu (m. 2016)
  • Biography: Berk Oktay became Promising Model in 2001 Best Model competition and he became the Best Model in 2003 Best Model of Turkey competition. He worked as model during 2000- 2006. After 2004, he moved to Paris and worked for D&G, Ferre, Gucci and Prada in various cities such as Milano, Tokyo, Dubai, and Moskova. He made his debut on TV with his role as Levent in Sweet Curse Fadime (Tatli Bela Fadime).
  • Notable Works
  • 2002 – He is a Soldier Now (O Simdi Asker) (Movie)
  • 2007 – Sweet Curse Fadime (Tatli Bela Fadime) (as Levent)
  • 2008 – Taxi Station (Akasya Duragi) (as Murat Aydin)
  • 2009 – 2012 Back Streets (Arka Sokaklar) (as Sinan)
  • 2010 – Passengers of Love (Umut Yolculari) (as Sinan)
  • 2012 – In Flames (Alev Alev) (as Murat)
  • 2013 – I Still Have a Hope (Benim Hala Umudum Var) (as Hakan Demirer)
  • 2014 – Can’t Run From Love (Asktan Kacilmaz) (as Berzan)
  • 2015 – Relationship Status: It’s Complicated (Iliski Durumu: Karisik) (as Can)
  • 2016 – Relationship Status: Married (Iliski Durumu Evli) (as Can)
  • 2017 – 2018 Warrior (Savasci) (as Kagan Bozok)

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi


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Sadece Arkadasız

Sadece Arkadasız English Subtitles

We are just friends

Sadece Arkadasiz – The life of F. Ece and Umut, who decided to share the same house; He is upset by a surprise decision from Umut’s aunt. The aunt, who has decided to dispose of all her possessions, will leave the only house she has left to whoever marries first. Although Umut and F. Ece do not look forward to marriage, they go on a date with a different person every day in order to become the owner of the house and start looking for the right spouse. This is, We are just friends).

Sadece Arkadasız

What is the synopsis of Sadece Arkadaşız (Just Friends)?

Who are in the casts? Where is the filming location?

Which platform and when will the series be released?

  • Exxen, one of the most preferred digital platforms of recent times, came to the fore with its new content. Exxen, which met with the audience only with the series of Friends, will be on the screens as an adaptation of “Love Snack” series. The series, the actors, the subject and when it will be published were the subject of curiosity. All the details about the series are in our news.
  • The series, which will take place on the Exxen platform, will be broadcast as an adaptation from foreign content. Research on the actors and content of the series, which deals with the relationships between two young people, has increased. Here are the ones who are curious about the series of the series ….

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About the series


  • Directed by Emre Erdoğdu and written by Zeynep Koçak, the series will begin shooting in the summer, while the series will be on Exxen in 2 seasons. “Love Snack”, which was adapted by the series, met with the audience in 2 seasons and 60 episodes and received great acclaim.
  • Two young people decide that whoever gets married will be the owner of the house, and they both struggle to find the right spouse, but they can’t see that the right spouse is in their own house. The relationship between the two young people has been brought into the subject.

Cast: Turkish Drama

Sadece Arkadasız

Emre Erdoğdu will be the director of the series, and Zeynep Koçak will undertake the adaptation scenario. It is estimated that the series, which will be shot in the summer of 2022, will be on the screen for 2 seasons. the series, in which only the scenario of the series will be adapted, met with the audience in 2 seasons and 60 episodes in 2017-2018 in Italy and received great acclaim.

Cast of the series

Deniz Can Aktaş

  • Deniz Can Aktaş was chosen as the male lead of the series, which will be in Exxen. Born in 1993, Aktaş was born and raised in İzmir. Deniz Can Aktaş, who graduated from Piri Reis University Marine Engineering, developed herself by taking theater trainings after her education. The 29-year-old young actress made a name for herself with her successful performance in the series Avlu (The Courtyard).

Cemre Baysel

  • Cemre Baysel will play the female lead in the TV series Just Friends, which will be broadcast on Exxen as the summer series of 2022. The 23-year-old young actress who was born in Izmir in 1999 graduated from Ege University Painting Teaching and her first screen experience was in the series Elimi Birakma.

Sadece Arkadasız

Sadece Arkadaşız English Subtitles

Bir Peri Masalı

Bir Peri Masalı

Alina Boz gives life to a babysitter named “Zeynep”. Zeynep, who grew up facing many challenges, partly due to her useless father, will face the biggest test when she stumbles upon a bag of cash;

  • Original Title : Bir Peri Masalı
  • Other Names : A Fairy Tale – Zengin Kız – Rich Girl
  • Genre : Drama
  • Broadcast Network : Fox TV
  • Director : Merve Girgin
  • Writer : Deniz Akçay
  • Release Date : 28th September 2022

Bir Peri Masalı

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  • The first presentation of the series, which is about the change in the life of Zeynep (Alina Boz) is a beautiful girl who cannot read because of financial difficulties, then choose to be a babysitter. Zeynep’s father is an alcoholic man who is addicted to horse racing. Zeynep, who found a lot of money on her birthday, will give a big test in her rich life. The series, which arouses great curiosity with both its subject and successful cast, is eagerly awaited by the audience.
  • The series of FOX TV screens, signed by Medyapım, began to appear on the screens. It was started to be investigated where the series, which includes Tarık Emir Tekin, Alina Boz and Nazan Kesal, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, Tülin Ece, Baran Bölükbaşı, Kadir Çermik Müfit Kayacan, was filmed. In which province and district is series filmed? Here are the details…
  • In the series, Zeynep is a beautiful girl who cannot get an education because of financial difficulties and has to babysit. Zeynep’s father is an alcoholic man who is addicted to horse racing. Zeynep, who found a lot of money on her birthday, will give a big test in her rich life.
  • English title: A Fairy Tale is a Turkish drama series that will start airing on 28th September 2022. The director of the TV series will be Merve Girgin, while its screenwriter will be Deniz Akçay.


Alina Boz (Zeynep)

Bir Peri Masalı Alina Boz

  • Zeynep could not attend school due to financial difficulties. She is a beautiful girl who babysits the child of a wealthy family. Zeynep now wants to get rid of this poor life. Zeynep catches her eye on the famous businessman Onur Köksal and does her best to make Onur realize himself, eventually reaching her destination.

Alina Boz was born on 14 June 1998 in Moscow, Russia, to a Turkish father and Russian mother. Boz was seven when her family moved to Turkey due to her father’s new job. There she learned Turkish and attended primary school. She speaks Turkish, Russian, and English. She studied at Private Gökjet Aviation High School. She began her dance career in the dance theatre. Before starting her acting career, Boz worked as a model in commercials and magazines.

  • Name Alina Boz
  • Date of Birth 14 June 1998
  • Birth Place Moscow, Russia
  • Nationality Turkish
  • Education Degree in Theatre
  • College Kadir Has University
  • Years active 2013–present
  • Currently Dating Single

Alina Boz Biography

  • Before commencing her acting career, Boz worked in several commercials. She started her acting career at the age of fifteen in the 2013 series Cesur Hemşire as Canan. In 2014, she starred in the series Paramparça and depicted the character of Hazal along with actress Nurgül Yeşilçay. In 2016, she appeared in the movie Kaçma Birader and portrayed the character of Melis Kahvaci. In 2017, Boz had a role in the movie Böluk and also worked in the series Sevdanın Bahçesi as Defne. In 2018, she was cast in the series Vatanım Sensin as Princess Anastasia Romanova, and in the same year, she had a leading role as Azra Güneş in the series Elimi Bırakama.
  • Boz had a leading role in the Netflix original series Aşk 101 and portrayed the character of “Eda”. In 2021, she starred as Mahur Türel opposite Burak Deniz in the television series Maraşlı. In 2021, she signed a contract for the brand Duru, she received 1 million Turkish lira for the deal. The commercial was shot in Bursa. Simultaneously, Boz starred in the sequel of Aşk 101, which premiered on 30 September 2021 on Netflix.
  • In 2021, she was cast in the movie Bandırma Füze Kulübü which depicted the leading female role of Leyla, the movie was set in the late 1950s and focused on a group of qualified students who began constructing missiles. In 2022, Boz starred in the short film Babamın Öldüğü Gün and depicted the character of Hale, who was coping with the death of her father, with her sister Sema, portrayed by Nur Fettahoğlu.


  1. 2013 Cesur Hemşire Canan
  2. 2014–2017 Paramparça Hazal Gürpınar
  3. 2017 Vatanım Sensin Princess Anastasia Romanova
  4. 2017 Sevda’nın Bahçesi Defne
  5. 2018–2019 Elimi Bırakma Azra Güneş/Azra Çelen
  6. 2021 Maraşlı Mahur Türel
  7. 2020–2021 Aşk 101 Eda
  8. 2022 Zengin Kız Zeynep


  1. 2016 Kaçma Birader Melis Kahvaci
  2. 2017 Bölük Eylül
  3. 2022 Babamın Öldüğü Gün Hale
  4. 2022 Bandırma Füze Külübü Leyla

Taro Emir Tekin (Onur Köksal)

Bir Peri Masalı Taro Emir Tekin

  • He is the brother of Onur Neslihan, the only son of the Köksal family. Onur, who manages the family businesses together with Neslihan, is one of Turkey’s favorite bachelors. Onur will fall in love with Zeynep and fall in love with her at first sight. He is the son of Onur Hamit by his first wife. He is a half-brother with Ümit.

Taro Emir Tekin (born on June 15, 1997) in Istanbul. He is the son of Metin Tekin, one of the most memorable names in football history, and Shevval Sam, a famous player.

  • Name Taro Emir Tekin
  • Date of Birth June 15, 1997
  • Birth Place İstanbul, Turkey
  • Nationality Turkish
  • Education Graduated, Acting Course

Taro Emir Tekin Biography

  • He graduated from the University of Arts London’s PaPA at Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts. He studied at the RADA Foundation Course and continued his education at the Oxford School of Drama. At the time of his schooling, he managed to become the first Turk to be among the 17 people selected from among the thousands of people who applied to the Oxford School of drama.For 3 years, many famous names abroad have returned to Turkey after studying drama, the famous name is shown among the players with a bright future. The cast’s first series is the naked series on BluTV. Another production in which he is involved is Rise of Empires: Ottoman.
  • He also played in a foreign film called “Akis” with the Selçuk method. He stated in an interview that he is not very close to football, but dark Besiktas. The Russian-written tattoo on his chest says 11. This figure is the jersey number that his father carried in the 1982-83 season when he first came to Beşiktaş.
  • His mother, Shawwal Sam, never wanted him to be a football player. Because he may not be as much as a footballer who has written his name in the history of Turkish football, he thought he could be a better player than me.


  1. 2020 Rise of Empires: Ottoman Mehmed Entourage 1
  2. 2020 Çiplak Bulut
  3. 2020-2022 Sadakatsiz Selçuk Dagci
  4. 2022 Zengin Kiz Onur Köksal


  1. 2021 Reflection Raven

Nazan Kesal (Şahika Köksal)

Bir Peri Masalı Nazan Kesal

  • Şahika is the second wife of Hamit Köksal. She is an ambitious and intelligent woman. Şahika only has a daughter named Ümit from Hamit, however, Şahika is mentioned in the Köksal family.

Nazan Kesal (born March 28, 1969; Köprübaşı, Manisa) is a Turkish theater, cinema, and TV series actress, theater and film director. After completing primary and high school in Manisa, she completed her higher education at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Theater – Acting Department in 1991.

  • Name Nazan Kesal
  • Date of Birth March 28, 1969
  • Birth Place Manisa, Turkey
  • Nationality Turkish
  • Education Faculty of Fine Arts, and Master’s Degree in Cinema and TV department
  • College Dokuz Eylul University
  • Beykent University (master)
  • Years active 1992–present
  • Currently Dating Married (Ercan Kesal)

Nazan Kesal Biography

  • Nazan Kesal, who settled in Istanbul after completing her education, took part in TV series, movies, and commercials. Between 1996 and 2004, she worked as an actress and director at the General Directorate of Diyarbakir State Theaters.
  • Appointed to Bursa State Theater at the beginning of 2004, the artist also worked in private ensembles such as Ankara Sanatevi Theatre, Theater Mirror, Theater Istanbul, and Diyarbakir Art Center. She got her master’s degree from Beykent University Cinema and TV department.


  1. 1993 Tatli Betüs –
  2. 1993 Süper Baba –
  3. 1996 Bizim Aile –
  4. 2002 Berivan –
  5. 2003 Mühürlü güller –
  6. 2004 Aliye Nermin
  7. 2004 Yadigar Kezban
  8. 2005 Rüzgarli bahçe Gülfem
  9. 2008 Cennetin çocuklari Mevlüde
  10. 2010 Ask ve ceza Sevgi
  11. 2011 Bir Ömür Yetmez –
  12. 2012-2013 Kayip Sehir Meryem
  13. 2013-2014 Bugünün Saraylisi Üftade Katipoglu
  14. 2015 Analar ve Anneler Muazzez
  15. 2017-2018 Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari Fazilet Çamkiran
  16. 2019 Halka Hümeyra Karabulut
  17. 2019 Cengiz Semercioglu ile Bu Gece Self
  18. 2019-2020 Çocuk Asiye Karasu
  19. 2020-2021 Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Sevda Çaglayan
  20. 2021 Hülya Koçyigit ile Film Gibi Hayatlar Self
  21. 2022 Oglum Canan


  1. 1992 Golge Oyunu Sezen
  2. 1994 Bir Sonbahar Hikayesi –
  3. 1996 Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda –
  4. 1999 Sara –
  5. 2001 Yazgi –
  6. 2002 Uzak Serap
  7. 2006 Iklimler Serap
  8. 2008 Cennetin Cocuklari Mevlude
  9. 2008 Vicdan –
  10. 2010 Sac Meryem
  11. 2013 Daire Betul
  12. 2015 Delibal –
  13. 2015 Kardesim Benim Ayse
  14. 2015 Kirik Kalpler Bankasi Suzan
  15. 2015 Toz Bezi Hatun
  16. 2017 Aydede Neriman
  17. 2017 Kaygi –
  18. 2018 Tuzdan Kaide –
  19. 2019 Suursuz Ask –
  20. 2020 Nasipse Adayiz Figen

Tülin Ece (Ümit)

  • She is the daughter of Ümit Şahika from his second wife. Şahika expected Ümit as a baby boy, but did not change her name when she became a girl. She has not been an ambitious girl as Ümit Şahika wanted, but a girl chasing dreams. Umit is a very beautiful and intelligent girl. She also follows fashion closely.

Hazal Filiz Küçükköse (Neslihan Köksal)

  • She is the eldest daughter of Neslihan Köksallar. Although Neslihan, a strong businesswoman working in family companies, is successful in her business life, unfortunately she has an impossible love affair. She is the stepdaughter of Neslihan Hamit’s own Şahika.

Baran Bölükbaşı (Yiğit)

  • He is the former lover of Zeynep. He is the proud child of a poor neighborhood.

Bir Peri Masalı

A Fairy Tale

Zengin Kız

Rich Girl

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Aldatmak English Subtitles


  • Aldatmak – She is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, a loop that Guzide accidentally pulls progresses like a stocking and it turns out that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.


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About Series

  • Original Title : Aldatmak
  • English Title : Deception
  • Genre : Drama
  • Broadcast Network : ATV
  • Director : Murat Saraçoğlu
  • Writer : Ayfer Tunç
  • Production : TIMS&B Productions
  • Release Date : 22nd September 2022
  1. What is the synopsis of the series (Deception)?
  2. Who are in the cast?
  3. What is their character?
  4. Where is filming location?
  5. Which channel and when will the series be aired?
  • ATV, which was prepared like a bomb that draws attention to the new season, had recently announced its series called Deception. The shooting of the series, which has already attracted attention with its successful cast and strong subject, has begun. We have compiled all the details of the highly anticipated series….
  • ATV, which became the record holder with the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, which made its finale in the past months, will appear in front of the audience in the new season with its TV series (Deception)”. The story of a female judge will be told in the series, which will leave its mark on the season with its rich cast, production, masterful scenario and striking story.
  • The series, which was produced by TIMS&B Productions, has already attracted attention with its strong cast, as the shooting started. In the director’s chair, Murat Saraçoğlu sits and the screenplay was written by Yıldız Tunç, and the leading actress is Vahide Perçin.

Synopsis (Deception)


  • Aldatmak (English title: Deception) is Turkish drama series that will be broadcasted on ATV on 22nd September 2022. It is directed by Murat Saraçoğlu and written by Ayfer Tunç. Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, Yusuf Çim, Feyza Sevil Güngör will be playing the lead role in the series.
  • A distinguished, respected family court judge. An honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction and made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice.
  • She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, Güzide accidentally pulls a noose and she starts to realize that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.
  • With her husband of 30 years and her children Oylum (Feyza Sevil Güngör) and Ozan (Yusuf Çim), the respected family court judge Güzide Yenersoy (Vahide Perçin), who has a family that will set an example for everyone from the outside, faced the fact that her life is full of lies…
  • The Yenersoy Family was very proud when they sent their daughter Oylum to study medicine in the Netherlands. However, Oylum had lied to her family and was aiming to go to America to get her dream modern dance training. While Oylum was waiting for the day he would go to New York at his friend’s house in Ankara, family friend Tolga, whom he met by chance at the airport, shared this secret.
  • Ozan, on the other hand, was disappointed when he did not get the promotion he expected in the company he worked for, and with the ambition of making more money, he followed the advice of his friend Kaan and started to invest in crypto money. Concealing his disappointment from his family, Ozan got into big trouble by sinking the $1 million money his father had entrusted to him.
  • Güzide, on the other hand, was shocked when she learned that her husband Tarık (Mustafa Uğurlu) had two separate family lives, questioning her 30-year marriage and all the hard work she had done for her family. Guzide, who learned that Tarık has another family with the photographs she saw in the house she went to explore for a case, learned that her marriage, which she thought was based on perfect love and trust, was a lie.
  • Inviting a large group of guests to the organization she organized to celebrate her thirtieth anniversary with her husband Tarık, Güzide invited Tarık’s other wife and daughter and slammed Tarık’s lies in front of everyone. While the Yenersoy Family was cracking like this, Oylum had a motor accident with his new friend Tim and came face to face with death. On the other hand, Ozan was worried about how to return the money he had to return to his father.

Cast of the series

  • Vahide Perçin as Güzide
  • Mustafa Uğurlu as Tarik (Güzide’s husband)
  • Caner Şahin as Tolga (Oylum’s boyfriend)
  • Feyza Sevil Güngör as Oylum (The daughter of Güzide)
  • Yusuf Çim as Ozan (The son of Güzide)
  • Ercan Kesal,
  • Cem Bender,
  • Asena Girişken,
  • Cem Sürgit,
  • Meltem Baytok,
  • Hatice Deniz,
  • Burcu Söyler,
  • Merve Altınkaya,
  • Kerem Müsligil,
  • Esin Alpogan,
  • Neyra Kayabaşı,
  • Burak Acar,
  • Arda Atak,
  • Canan Ürekil,
  • Batuhan Sel,
  • Masal Ayşe Gencer,
  • Ege Semih Erken,
  • Eda Özel

Vahide Perçin as Güzide Yenersoy

Aldatmak Vahide Perçin

  • Vahide Perçin, a Aldatmak Actress, who was born in 1965 in Izmir. Vahide Perçin, who is 57 years old, graduated from the theater department of Dokuz Eylül University. Vahide Perçin, who is married to Altan Gördüm, has recently starred in the TV series Anne and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. Vahide Perçin, who is 1.78 meters tall and weighs 65 kilograms, will give life to a judge named Ülkü in the TV series Aldatmak.
  • She is a family court judge who is fond of her family, but can be distant and cold at times, trembling, strict, prescriptive, and never deviates from her truths. She maintains her authority in the courthouse at home as well.
  • Güzide, who has been married to Tarık for thirty years, does not make any concessions to her family in almost anything and believes that she knows the right way, has two children named Oylum and Ozan. All the truths she thinks she knows about her family and life will be destroyed by a single coincidence.

(Vahide Gordum)


  • Name: Vahide Percin
  • Birthdate: June 13, 1965
  • Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Education: 9 Eylul University State Conservatory-Theatre (9 Eylul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Tiyatro Bolumu)
  • Talent Agency:
  • Spouse: Altan Gordum (m. 1991 – 2013)
  • Children: Alize Gordum

Biography : Vahide Percin (Vahide Gordum) was born in 13 June 1965. Her parents migrated from Greece. Her father is a truck driver while her mother is a housewife. While she was young, she wanted to be actress but she thought that she would not be able to do acting due to the fact that she did not like coming to the forefront. That’s why, she studied graphics during high school and economics during university. However, she decided to follow her dreams and won 9 Eylul University State Conservatory.

  • She got the biggest support from his teacher Ozdemir Nutku who bought the school books for her when Vahide Percin wanted to drop the school due to financial difficulties. While going to university, Vahide Percin got married to Altan Gordum and moved to Ankara after graduation. She also worked at Adana State Theatre. Vahide Percin became well-known with her role in popular Turkish drama An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali).

Vahide Percin (Gordum) Tv Series / Movies

  • 2003 – 2005 An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali) (as Suzan Kozan)
  • 2004 – Istanbul Tales (Anlat Istanbul) (as Hurrem) (Movie)
  • 2005 – 2007 Thief and Police (Hirsiz Polis) (as Fulya)
  • 2006 – Lock (Kilit) (as Isik) (Movie)
  • 2006 – First Love (Ilk Ask) (as Nevin) (Movie)
  • 2007 – 2009 My Mom (Annem) (as Zeynep Egilmez)
  • 2007 – Happy New Year: London (Iyi Seneler: Londra) (as Ferda) (Movie)
  • 2008 – Cars of the Revolution (Devrim Arabalari) (as Suna) (Movie)
  • 2009 – 2010 Es Es (as Berivan)
  • 2011 – Zefir (as Ay) (Movie)
  • 2011 – 2012 I Named Her Feriha (Adini Feriha Koydum) (as Zehra)
  • 2011 – Maze (Labirent) (Movie)
  • 2012 – Migration (Goc) (as Cennet)
  • 2012 – Ayhan Hanim (as Mrs. Ayhan) (Movie)
  • 2012 – 2013 Hello Life (Merhaba Hayat) (as Deniz Korel)
  • 2013 – 2014 Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) (as Hurrem Sultan)
  • 2015 – Time of Departure (Goc Zamani) (as Cennet)
  • 2016 – 2017 Mother (Anne) (as Gonul Aslan)
  • 2019 – Door (Kapi) (as Semsa) (Movie)
  • 2018 – 2020 Bitter Lands (Bir Zamanlar Cukurova) (as Hunkar Yaman)


  • 2014 – 33. Istanbul Film Festival (33. Istanbul Film Festivali) – Best Actress (Ayhan Hanim) – En iyi kadin oyuncu (Ayhan Hanim)
  • 2007 – 14. International GHolden Cocoon Film Festival (14. Uluslararasi Altin Koza Film Festivali) – Best Actress (First Love) – En Iyi Kadin Oyuncu (Ilk Ask)

Yusuf Çim as Ozan Yenersoy

Aldatmak Yusuf Çim

  • Yusuf Çim was born on September 26, 1991, in Istanbul and is 31 years old. Yusuf Çim, who has recently been in the lead role in the TV series Akrep and İyi Günde Kötü Günde, is 1.88 meters tall and weighs 79 kg. Yusuf Çim, who is in love with the actress Özge Özkaplan, has become famous, especially with TV series such as Çilek Kokusu and Hanım Köylü. Yusuf Çim will be a player of the seies and will appear in the series as the son of the judge Ülkü.
  • Tarık and Güzide’s son, Ozan, is a young civil engineer who has an eye for the best. He complains about working too much and wants to get rich as soon as possible and live a luxurious life. His enthusiasm for achieving the life he desires in an easy way will cause great problems for him.


  • Name: Yusuf Cim
  • Birthdate: September 26, 1991
  • Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Education: Istanbul Arel University Radio and Theatre (Istanbul Arel Universitesi Radyo ve Televizyon Bolumu)
  • Talent Agency: Icon Talent Management

Yusuf Cim Tv Series / Movies

  • 2014 – Ezra (as Mustafa)
  • 2015 – Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu) (as Burak Mazharoglu)
  • 2016 – Ladyville (Hanim Koylu) (as Ferit Sabit)
  • 2017 – Glass Mask (Icimdeki Firtina) (as Emre Bademli)
  • 2017 – Seven Ne Yapmaz (as Ozan Ekinsoy)
  • 2018 – Wealth (Servet) (as Can Yigit)
  • 2019 – Sing a Love Song for Me (Bana Bir Ask Sarkisi Soyle) (as Emre Akin) (Movie)
  • 2019 – Hababam Sinifi Yeniden (as Yakisikli) (Movie)
  • 2020 – Kazara Ask (as Emir Mete)
  • 2020 – Hababam Sinifi Yaz Oyunlari (as Yakisikli) (Movie)

Feyza Sevil Güngör as Oylum Yenersoy

Aldatmak Feyza Sevil Güngör

  • Finally, Feyza Sevil Güngör, who appeared with the Princess Hera Character in the Kuruluş Osman series, was born in 1997 and is 25 years old. Feyza Sevil Güngör, who graduated from Istanbul Commerce University, first appeared in the Savaşçı series. Feyza Sevil Güngör is 1.68 cm tall and weighs 54 kg.
  • Oylum, the beautiful and intelligent daughter of Güzide and Tarık, was enrolled in medical school as a result of her mother’s insistence, but her biggest dream is to become a world-famous dancer. Oylum has the courage to follow her dreams even at the cost of hiding many things from her family, but things will not go as she planned.

Ercan Kesal – Ali Sezai Okuyan

Aldatmak Ercan Kesal

  • Lastly, the master actor Ercan Kesal, who appeared in the Üç Kuruş and Çukur series, will be the partner of Vahide Perçin in the series. Ercan Kesal was born in 1959 in Nevşehir. Ercan Kesal, who is 63 years old, is a doctor by profession. Ercan Kesal graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine. Eecan Kesal is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 59 kg. Ercan Kesal has been married to Nazan Kesal since 2005.
  • Sezai is a very successful lawyer with law offices in Nevşehir and Ankara. He is a poet and literature lover, separated from his wife, and a father of two children. Güzide and Tarık are friends from school. Even though they had a very close friendship at the time, Güzide and Tarık moved away from the group when they became lovers. Thirty years later, when his path crosses again with Güzide, a brand new page will open in his life.

Mustafa Uğurlu as Tarık Yenersoy

Aldatmak Mustafa Uğurlu

  • Mustafa Uğurlu, who will be among the players of the series, was born in 1955 in Konya. The master actor, who is 67 years old, has appeared in the series Çarpışma, Bir Deli Rüzgar, Seni Çok Bekledim, and Çukur in recent years. Mustafa Uğurlu is 1.78 meters tall and weighs 74 grams.
  • Güzide’s husband, Tarık, is a successful, charismatic lawyer who owns his own law firm. Although there is no visible problem between them and Güzide, there is a tiredness in their marriage over the years. Tarık has been keeping a big secret from his family for years, and his life will be turned upside down when this secret is revealed.

Cem Bender as Oltan Kaşifoğlu

  • Lastly, Cem Bender, who is in the Gülperi series, was born in 1965 in Trabzon and is 57 years old. Cem Bender, who has recently appeared in the series Hakan Muhafız and Alevlerin Ardından, is 1.70 m tall and weighs 55 kilograms.
  • Tarık’s close friend, client, and mentor, Oltan, is a very wealthy, old-fashioned businessman who owns a construction company. Even if there is no mafia, he does not hesitate to use people who are in a difficult situation to do illegal things.

Caner Şahin

  • Caner Şahin was born on May 26, 1996 in Eskişehir. Caner Şahin, who has recently appeared in the TV series Dünya Hali, Babam and Ailesi, Seni Çok Bekledim, Tutsak, Nefes Nefese ve Kuzgun, is 26 years old. Caner Şahin is 184 cm tall and weighs 75 kg.

Asena Girişken

  • Finally, Asena Girişken, who is in the Üç Kuruş series, will also be among the players of the series. Born in 1992 in Hatay, Asena Girişken is 30 years old.

Cem Sürgit

  • Cem Sürgit, known and loved for the Alev Alev TV series, will be in the cast. Born in Istanbul in 1983, Cem Sürgit is 39 years old.

Meltem Baytok

  • Meltem Baytok was born in 1968 and she is 54 years old. Meltem Baytok, who graduated from the theater department at Ankara University, has recently appeared in the series Hekimoğlu and Sadakatsiz.

Hatice Deniz

  • Hatice Deniz, who is the actress of Gunfer Gunaydin agency, will have her most important acting experience with the series.

Burcu Söyler

  • Burcu Söyler last appeared in the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey with the character of Funda. Burcu Söyler will now be among the series  players.

Merve Altınkaya

  • Merve Altınkaya was born on October 21, 1985, in Istanbul and is 37 years old. Known for the Avrupa Yakası TV series, Merve Altınkaya has recently appeared in the Bizim İçin Şampiyon series.

Kerem Muslugil

  • Kerem Müsligil was born on December 13, 1984, in Istanbul and is 38 years old. Lastly, Kerem Müsligil, who appeared in the TV series “Tawbeler Olsun”, is 1.76 meters tall and weighs 80 kilograms.

Esin Alpogan

  • Esin Alpogan was born on May 9, 1979, in Ankara and is 43 years old. Ben Onu Çok Sevdim is one of the important TV series in which it takes place. Esin Alpogan, who has not been involved in any project for a long time, will be a player in the series.

Neyra Kayabaşı

  • Finally, Neyra Kayabaşı, who took part in the Maria Ile Mustafa TV series, became the actress of Deception. Neyra Karaböcü Kayabaşı is married to Onur Kayabaşı.

Burak Acar

  • Born in 1990, Burak Acar is a theater actor and is 32 years old. Burak Acar will appear in a TV series for the first time as an the seriesactor.

Arda Atak

  • Arda Atak, who graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s acting department, is an actor in RH+ management. He will experience his first acting experience by taking part in the cast of the series.

Canan Ürekil

  • Canan Ürekil was born on April 17, 1990 and is 32 years old. Canan Ürekil is originally from Iğdır. İçerde and Hayat Şarkısı are important TV series.

Batuhan Sel

  • Batuhan Sel, a graduate of Celal Bayar University, is an actor and model. He also takes part in Orka Holding. He will have his first acting experience with the series.

Masal Ayşe Gencer

  • Masal Ayşe Gençer Layla Şirin is the actress of the agency and will appear for the first time as a child lead actress in the series of the series.

Ege Semih Erken

  • Ege Semih Early, the actor in the Acemi Anneler series, also found a place among the actors of the series. Ege Semih Erken, who was the Best Model Turkey competitor in 2017, is also a model.

Eda Özel

  • Eda Özel, born on September 11, 1975, is 47 years old. Eda Özel, who studied acting at Istanbul University, took part in the series No: 309.


Aldatmak all episodes,

Aldatmak English Sub,


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Ben Bu Cihana Sıgmazam

Ben Bu Cihana Sıgmazam English Subtitles

I Can’t Fit This World English Subtitles

  • Coming from a deep-rooted and powerful family, the Algerian Turk takes revenge for his brother, who worked for his state and fell victim to sabotage. He starts a new life by showing that he died for the sake of the state and the safety of his family. Algeria Turk meets Firuze, one of the doctors who knows no borders as a result of an injury during the ongoing operations abroad. Although he misses his wife and family, he knows that he will never return to them.
  • Algeria, who fell in love with Firuze and started a family again, is deciphered after a while and has to return to life, in Istanbul. However, neither his new family nor his family, who have missed him for years and prayed at his grave, are aware of these developments. Istanbul, which he left behind by entrusting him, will appear before him as a completely different Istanbul.

Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

Ben Bu Cihana Sıgmazam English Subtitles High Quality on turkish123 ;

Watch it also with Spanish  Subtitles on :

Watch it also with Arabic  Subtitles on :

  • Original Title: Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam
  • English Title : I Can’t Fit This World
  • Genre : Action, Drama
  • Broadcast Network : ATV
  • Director : Onur Tan
  • Producer : Oktay Kaynarca
  • Writer : Yusuf Reha Alp
  • Production : Güzel Adamlar
  • Release Date : 20th September 2022


Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

  • The series which made a quick entrance to the screens, took its place at the top of the ratings and social media while taking their breath away with its first episode.
  • With the first episode of “BBCS”, 8.23% viewership rate and 23.28% viewership share in All People, 5.90% viewership rate in the EU and 18.68% viewership share in 20+ABC1 7.80% views rate and 21.00% viewership, and ranked first in all categories. Thus, in the new season, BBCS became the highest-rated series in the category of all people.
  • Episode 1 hashtag BBCS and the serial name BenBuCihanaSığmazam are trending, shortly after the episode started, it entered the Twitter Turkey Trending Topics list!
    While BenBuCihanaSığmazam ranked second in the Twitter Turkey Trending Topics list, BBCS rose to third place and managed to stay until the end of the episode.
  • Breaths were held in the 1st episode of the series. The Cezayir Turk went to Uzbekistan under the name Temur Turan, assuming he died 15 years ago. He started a new life in Uzbekistan, where he had to go. There was the other family he always left behind in the life he built with his wife and child.
  • With the kidnapping of his daughter in Istanbul, the Cezayir Turk had to return. The family in Istanbul experienced both great shock and joy when Algeria suddenly emerged 15 years later.
  • Not only the family, but the return of the “Owner of the City”, who left Istanbul 15 years ago, disturbed his enemies. Now, Cezayir has to explain the reasons for his fifteen-year absence to his family, to ensure his readmission, to fight the mafia groups that he has disturbed with his arrival, and to protect himself and his family from the traps of the CIA.

Cast and Characters

  • Oktay Kaynarca as Turco argelino / Temur Turan
  • Ebru Ozkan Saban as Leyla Turk
  • Pelin Akil as Firuze Turan
  • Isil Yucesoy as Gulendam
  • Ali Seçkiner Comprador as Kurban Baba
  • Hakan Karahan as Dumrul
  • Erkan Sever as Orhan
  • Ragip Savas as Atakan
  • Gulenay Kalkan as Diamante
  • Eren Vurdem as Azamet
  • Asli Sevi as Gratis
  • Kerem Kupaci as Ethem
  • Ziya Kurkut as Bekir
  • Pelin Uluksar as Suheila
  • Mina Derman as Suna
  • Batuhan Sezer as Omer Asaf
  • Valor Alp as Canan
  • Basak Kıvılcım Ertanoğlu as Zühre
  • Jinete Burcu as Meltem
  • Omer Kurt as Kerim
  • Mert Kirlak as George Bagnall
  • Hope Mirza as Necip
  • Selcuk Kilic as Birkan
  • Ahmet Yildirim as Cafer
  • Metodo de diagnostico as Canberk
  • Doruk Ozturk as Shamil
  • Osman Albayrak as Corte de caballeros Azer
  • Melisa Duru Unal as Mercan
  • Aylar Melayeva as Sevim
  • Pastor Hanbey Oguzhan as Besim
  • Mirza Bahattin as Dogan
  • Oktay Kaynarca as turco argelino

Oktay Kaynarca – Cezayir Türk

Oktay Kaynarca Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

  • While he was a notorious bully in Istanbul’s underground world at a very young age, he is a man who seeks revenge after his brother was killed as a result of a CIA operation. Thinking that revenge is not a dish best served cold, but something that must be taken as soon as possible, he eliminates the CIA Turkey Director, who ordered the murder of his brother, in a short time.
  • Only this action has a consequence. In order to protect his family, he has to accept that he is portrayed as dead. After this operation, which only two people know, he goes to Uzbekistan.
  • Here, too, it is not too late to establish a system for itself. He starts working to activate the “Turkish Union” ideal, which was inherited from his father, first to his brother Yıldırım Türk, and then to him. The “Divan of Begler” he collected from all Turkic states work in this direction. This activity, which he continued for 15 years, is interrupted when his identity is revealed because his family in Turkey is in danger when it is understood that he is alive. He will have to go back.
  • Istanbul, which he returned to, is not as he left it, nor is his family. When he moves his new family, which he founded in Uzbekistan, to Istanbul, he is in the middle of two wars. The first war is the little war he will fight with his enemies. The second and biggest war is the war of staying between two families. When you move it to a, it gets stuck in the middle of two wars.

Ebru Özkan – Leyla

Ebru Ozkan Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

  • She is a brave and noble woman who knew how hard her life would be when she agreed to marry Cezayir Türk but took the risk from the very beginning. She would be offended by the fate that made her receive the news of her husband’s death and the news of her pregnancy on the same day if there was someone else in her place, but she is Leyla Turk. Cezayir Türk’s life partner, comrade, confidant…
  • Therefore, she continues to do what she learned from Cezayir during her lifetime: she is grateful and patient. In the absence of her husband, she manages to keep the family alive and then afloat with Gülendam Türk, whom she knows as a mother-in-law, no longer a mother-in-law.
  • The only heirloom girls left from Cezayir raise Suna, regardless of her father’s absence. Come on, fate will not leave Leyla behind. She has prepared another test for him.
  • 15 years later, Her husband, whom she loved more than her life, but whose death she welcomed with great resignation, has returned! The return of the only man she loved all her life, maybe ignore the fact that she has been deceived all these years, but what really destroyed Leyla will be the presence of another family that came with Cezayir. Finding the answer to that ancient question is now Leyla’s new test: Can love forgive everything?

Pelin Akil – Firuze

Pelin Akil Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

  • The idealistic medical student rushes to her dream job as soon as she graduates and completes her specialty. The only reason she chose this profession is to join “Doctors Without Borders” and she does it. While extending a helping hand to people in unknown borders and unfamiliar geographies, she encounters an oasis in the middle of a desert. While saving the life of the injured person who was brought to the tent hospital on the hot sand, of course, she did not want to marry him, but this charisma from head to toe cannot get rid of his influence when he recovers.
  • Known for doing whatever she puts her mind to, the young woman falls in love with the Cezayir Turk, whose past she is unaware of, and finally manages to marry him. All she knows is that she is very happy. What she does not know is that oases in the desert are nothing but an illusion.

Ali Seçkiner Alıcı – Kurban Baba

Ali Seçkiner Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam

  • Kurban Baba is one of Cezayir’s most reliable friends. He is a deep and concise man. They live on a farm with their five children, four of whom are boys and one is a girl.
  • Loyalty, courage, and honor are his and his family’s mottos. After returning to Cezayir, all his children will become Cezayir’s bodyguards. His children are Azamet, Azade, Cafer, Canberk, and Shamil.

Hakan Karahan – Dumrul

Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Hakan Karahan

  • He is Algeria’s closest, confidant and dear friend. His life was spent in the struggle for the survival of the state and the liberation of the oppressed. He became Cezayir’s father-in-law as a result of the marriage of his adopted daughter Firuze to Cezayir.

Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam English Subtitles

Ben Bu Cihana Sıgmazam English Subtitles

I Can’t Fit This World English Subtitles

I Cant Fit This World

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O Kiz

O Kiz English subtitles

That Girl

Kadir is 45 years old. However, the level of mental age and comprehension of events is at the level of a 5-year-old child. The main subject of the O Kiz series covers the reflection of Kadir’s childlike love on the people around him. On the other hand, the series tells the story of Ozan, who is an internet phenomenon, the relationship he has with the boss of the agency he is in, and Zeynep, the cleaner who witnesses this.

  • O Kiz – Zeynep, like thousands of young girls, is a social media phenomenon and dreams of getting rid of her poor life. But while she strives for this, she also “mothers” her father. Because a 45-year-old big man has the emotions and intelligence of a 5-year-old. Kadir is a complete child man with his toy car in his hand, his childish jokes and their reconciliation. She fell victim to a cord wrapped around her neck in her mother’s womb. Kadir was born as “Exam”, not only to his parents, but also to his children. That’s what her grandfather says to Zeynep…

O Kiz English subtitles

  • The air date of the season’s ambitious series, produced by Content House, has been announced. The series, which arouses great interest in the audience with its emotional introductions, will meet with the audience on Wednesday, September 21.
  • Directed by Özlem Günhan and written by Sırma Yanık. O Kız’s new trailer on the screen was also very popular. The promotion, which featured the emotional scenes of Erkan Petekkaya (Kadir) and Dilin Döğer (Zeynep), also attracted a lot of attention on social media.
  • The cast of O Girl; Erkan Petekkaya (Kadir), Sezin Akbaşoğulları (Sitare), Cengiz Orhonlu (Ozan), Dilin Döğer (Zeynep), Macit Koper (Ismail), Asiye Dinçsoy (Türkan), Orhan Kılıç (Fevzi), Ayten Uncuoğlu (Fatma), Münire Apaydın (Nimet), Ilgın Çakır (Mine), Melih Selçuk (Salih), Ece Efe (İpek), Göktuğ Yıldırım (Mustafa), Cem Kurtoğlu (Arkın), Deniz Bakacak (Seda), Mustafa Konak (Yusuf), Nehir Gökdemir (Esma) ), Zeynep Sönmez (Seher).

O Kız English Subtitles on turkish123;

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  • Director: Özlem Günhan
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: September 21, 2022
  • Timing: Wednesday 8pm (TRT)
  • Channel: Kanal D
  • Writer: Sırma Yanık
  • Producer: Nilgün Sağyaşar

Who are the actors actresses of O Kız (That Girl)? What their character? What is the plot story? Where is it filmed? Here is the character cast and filming location…

  • The new series O Kız (That Girl), prepared by Content House, is eagerly awaited. The first images came from the O Kız series, in which Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer met as father and daughter. The O Kız series, whose teaser was released, excited the audience even more. Where is the series filmed? What channel that aired the series? Which actors are in the cast? When does O Kız start? Serial lovers, who started to research many questions such as, are trying to learn about the series. We searched for all the details about the series to be broadcast on Kanal D.
  • Produced by Focus Film, will include Erkan Petekkaya, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Ogeday Girişken, Orhan Kılıç, Zeynep Sönmez and Dilin Döğer. While Özlem Günhan sits in the director’s chair of the series, Sırma Yanık will write the script. The shooting of the series will begin in early May 2022 and will be on Kanal D screens at the end of August 2022.

In which city is the TV series filmed?

  • The first teaser of the highly anticipated the series with emotional scenes has been released. The scenes with master actors Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer gave the first signals of an emotional series. The streets where the scenes where the father and daughter talk did not escape the attention of the audience. Those who wondered where the series was filmed began to investigate.
  • The series is filmed in Istanbul. Especially the shootings in Beşiktaş and Galata regions draw attention. Shootings and shared photos and videos in various districts of Istanbul began to enter the agenda of social media. While the harmony of Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer was appreciated, especially in the first promotion, it was also given the signals that Petekkaya would be on the screen with a very different role.

Who is in the cast the Series?

  • The script the series, written by Sırma Yanık, is getting ready to be one of the ambitious works of the new season. Özlem Gülhan is the director of the series. The cast is as curious as the story of the series. Kanal D’s new series is in the cast; Erkan Petekkaya, Dilin Döğer, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Cengiz Orhonlu, Macit Koper, Orhan Kılıç, Asiye Dinçsoy, Ilgın Çakır, Münire Apaydın, Ayten Uncuoğlu, Melih Selçuk, Göktuğ Yıldırım, Cem Kurtoğlu, Zeynep Sönmez, Mustafa Konak, Ece Efe, Deniz Bakacak , and Nehir Gökdemir. The O Kız series, which will soon meet the audience on the Kanal D screen, is a candidate to be one of the ambitious productions in the new season.

What is the Story of “O Kız” Series?

  • Kadir is 45 years old. However, the level of mental age and comprehension of events is at the level of a 5-year-old child. The main subject of the O Kız series covers the reflection of Kadir’s childlike love on the people around him. On the other hand, the series tells the story of Ozan, who is an internet phenomenon, the relationship he has with the boss of the agency he is in, and Zeynep, the cleaner who witnesses this.

Cast & Characters

  • Erkan Petekkaya as Kadir
  • Sezin Akbaşoğulları as Sitare
  • Cengiz Orhonlu as Ozan
  • Dilin Döğer as Zeynep
  • Macit Koper as İsmail
  • Asiye Dinçsoy as Türkan
  • Orhan Kılıç as Fevzi
  • Ayten Uncuoğlu as Fatma
  • Münire Apaydın as Nimet
  • Ilgın Çakır as Mine
  • Melih Selçuk as Salih
  • Ece Efe as İpek
  • Göktuğ Yıldırım as Mustafa
  • Cem Kurtoğlu as Arkın
  • Deniz Bakacak as Seda
  • Mustafa Konak as Yusuf
  • Nehir Gökdemir as Esma
  • Zeynep Sönmez as Seher


  • Zeynep, like thousands of young girls, is a social media phenomenon and dreams of getting rid of her poor life. But while she is trying for this, she is also “mothering” her father. Because a 45-year-old big man has the emotions and intelligence of a 5-year-old. Kadir is a complete child man with his toy car in his hand, his childish jokes and their reconciliation. She fell victim to a cord wrapped around her neck in her mother’s womb. Kadir was born as “Exam”, not only to his parents, but also to his children. That’s what her grandfather said to Zeynep.
  • Zeynep’s dreams are big and she wants to get rid of the shelter she lives in in her aunt’s house, the bed in the safety room where she can’t fit in with her cousins, her uncle who makes them excuse her and crushes her aunt, her aunt’s angry tiredness, impossibility and lack of money.
  • The socialite phenomenon Ozan, who lives the life he wants to live, goes to his house every week as a cleaner. One day, Zeynep meets Sitare, a business woman at that house. Sitare, on the other hand, is the owner of the management agency that directs dozens of social media phenomena. And Ozan’s secret lover…
  • Kadir is a man whose fate was wrapped around his neck when he was born. That umbilical cord that connects us all to life put its signature on his life the day he was born. Kadir was 5 years old because of that birth accident, but despite his imposing size, his mind and heart could not grow from the age of 5 for a day. Hasbelkader’s only son Zeynep is his only friend, playmate. A unique father-daughter relationship is theirs… without a father in it.
  • A beautiful and fierce business woman in her 40s but ageless. Sitare is a stunning woman not only with her beauty and sex appeal, but also with her cool stance, charisma and success. While she was the boss of the advertising agency yesterday, she foresaw that the future was in social media with her open nose that smells good, and today she is the owner of the most rooted social media agency in the industry. The person he illuminates is Ozan, the first ‘project’ of his patronymic and also his forbidden love. Sitare’s passion for Ozan is the same as when looking at a sculptor’s work. A selfish and self-centered passion… In love? In Sitare’s world, love is the work of young girls in a confused state. She is in love with owning her ‘work’ that she created out of nothing with her own hands. Ozan is like a meta for Sitare. His pride.
  • One of the popular social media phenomena of the last period, Ozan, handsome and devil-haired, who is just finishing his 20s. Although he seems to have everything on the outside, he is a soul rotting all alone in his inner world. Ozan, whose inner and outer are not one, actually divides into two; Bard before Sitare, Bard after Sitare. Ozan before Sitare was born in a small town of Adıyaman as one of the four children of an ordinary farmer’s family. The second chapter in Ozan’s life began when Sitare, the agency’s beautiful patroness, caught the attention of the agency in a short commercial that he participated as an extra thanks to the agencies.
  • In her 20s, dreamer Zeynep is an ordinary young girl living on her own in her small world full of financial impossibilities and heavy responsibilities. There is only one unusual situation in his limited and boring life; his father. Zeynep is the ‘mother of her father’, who has the intelligence of a 5-year-old child because of a birth story that went wrong. This sentence, which sounds very strange, is the truth of Zeynep’s life. It’s weird being your dad’s mom. Sacrifice is a sacrifice if you have no other choice… he just doesn’t know that. does not question. His heart is too big to question it and it beats not only for his father but for his entire family. And… his heart beats for Ozan, where he goes to do housework once a week instead of his aunt.
  • Macit Koper (Ismail), Asiye Dinçsoy (Türkan), Orhan Kılıç (Fevzi), Ayten Uncuoğlu (Fatma), Münire Apaydın (Nimet), Ilgın Çakır (Mine), Melih Selçuk (Salih), Ece Efe (İpek), Göktuğ Yıldırım (Mustafa), Cem Kurtoğlu (Arkın), Deniz Bakacak (Seda), Mustafa Konak (Yusuf), Nehir Gökdemir (Esma), Zeynep Sönmez (Seher)
  • The series is filmed in Istanbul. The first episodes of The Girl, whose first episodes were shot in Istanbul, such as Beşiktaş and Galata, are expected to be shot in different districts in the upcoming episodes.

O Kiz English subtitles

Character Cast of That Girl


  • Erkan Petekkaya, who is originally from Diyarbakır and has been continuing his acting career since 1998, is in the lead role of O Kız. Petekkaya, who recently played the leading role in the Red Room and Sana Söz series, plays the character of Kadir in this series. Kadir is a 45-year-old man with intellectual disability. Although Kadir is 45 years old, he has the intelligence of a 5-year-old child.


  • 41-year-old actress Sezin Akbaşoğlu, who has been continuing her acting career for about 22 years, is another leading actress of the series. The actor, who played a role in the latest Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu and Üç Kuruş, is in the role of Sitare in this series. She is the owner of the agency that Sitare Ozan is affiliated with. Sitare is a married and wealthy woman, but she has an affair with Ozan.


  • Ogeday Girişken, who made a name for himself with the Survivor competition he participated in in 2017 and became the champion, also joined the cast of the O Kiz series. While Entryken, who performed in Survivor in 2022 and played in the last Alparslan great Seljuk series, will continue his acting career with the character of Ozan in this series, he left the series with a sudden decision.


  • Dilin Döğer, who has just started acting, also takes part in the O Kız series. Döğer, who previously played in the TV series Ex Aşkım, shows an acting performance with the character of Zeynep in this series. Beautiful Actress Dilin Döğer will take a role as Kadir’s daughter Zeynep in the TV series O Kiz.


  • Another actor in O Kiz is 89-year-old actor Ahmet Mekin. Continuing to act since 1957, the master actor has appeared in the last TV series Filinta and Nobody Knows. In this series, he plays the character of İsmail.


  • Ayten Uncuoğlu, who has been acting in front of the camera since 1988, also gives life to the character of Fatma in this series. At the age of 76, the actor Uncuoğlu took part in the series Zümrüdüanka and Kırmızı Oda.


  • Orhan Kılıç, who has been continuing his acting career for 22 years, is also in the cast of O Kız. The actor, who was remembered with the Deaf Room series and appeared in the latest Diriliş Ertuğrul and Azize series, plays the character of Fevzi in this series.


  • 43-year-old actress Münire Apaydın is also one of the names in the series. Apayadin, who played a role in the last Red Room, performs acting with the character of Nimet in the O Kız series.


  • Asiye Dinçsoy, who has been in front of the screen since 2008, is also in the cast of O Kız. Most recently, Dinçsoy, who played in Güldür Güldür Show and Kırmızı Oda, gives life to the character of Türkan in the series.


  • Zeynep Sönmez, known for her previous commercials, is also one of the names in the series. Sonmez, who had her first professional acting experience with this series, plays the character of Seher in the series. Seher is the sister of Ozan.

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Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman, otherwise known as Osman Ghazi, head of a Turkmen state in northwestern Anatolia, known as the organizer of the Ottoman Turkish state, born in 1258 in Sogut, osman was the child of Ertugrul Ghazi (Dirilis Ertugrul) and Halima Sultan, he was only 23 when he took charge of (Kayi Clan).

Kurulus Osman

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Synopsis :

  • The series will focus on the life  of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Gazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire.The main theme of the series (Kurulus Osman) is the life History of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi. This series includes and highlights all the strains, troubles he faced and how the Ottoman Empire was set up. Well known names such as Burak Ozcivit (Osman Bey), Ozge Torer (Bala Hatun), Ragip Savas (Dundar Bey) play their roles in the series. Starting after the completion of Dirilis Ertugrul, the series carry on with almost alike cast.The plot focuses on his struggles and efforts to build the Ottoman Empire. Plus, he protects his kingdom from the Mongols and the Byzantium army.
  • There are many traitors hidden in his territory who are looking to overthrow him. The series brilliantly showcases his battles and tactical strength to defeat his enemies throughout his reign as the emperor.
  • The first season (2019–2020) of the Turkish TV series, Kuruluş: Osman, created by Mehmet Bozdağ succeeds the fifth season of the series’ predecessor, Diriliş: Ertuğrul, and precedes the second season of the series. Season one of Kuruluş: Osman is also the sixth season of the two Turkish TV series when including the seasons of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. The first season of the historical drama television series premiered on 20 November 2019 and concluded on 24 June 2020.
  • The season was written and produced by Mehmet Bozdağ and directed by Metin Günay. The theme music is by Alpay Göktekin and Zeynep Alasya.
    • At first, when the series was named Diriliş: Osman, Aslıhan Karalar, the actress who played Burçin Hatun, was thought to play the role of Malhun Hatun, who didn’t even appear in this season. The thought was established due to the fact that Malhun Hatun was Osman I’s first wife according to history and that Aslıhan Karalar was the first young actress who was confirmed to join the series. However, in the series, Osman’s first partner is Bala Hatun and she was played by the Turkish actress Özge Törer, this was only believed after the series’ first episode was released.
    • The theme music is by Alpay Göktekin and Zeynep Alasya. Alpay Göktekin died on 5 May 2020, so therefore, could only compose the music for season one of the series.
  • The first trailer for the season was released on 14 October 2019. The second trailer was launched on 24 October 2019 and fans were waiting for the new series to finally be aired on 20 November 2019 on ATV (Turkey).

Kuruluş Osman (The Ottoman) Season 1&2

  • About 15 years have passed since Ertuğrul Gazi’s war with Sultan Baybars and Berke Han against Hülagü Han. Ertuğrul Gazi got sick and went to Konya, but before he left, he made peace with Kulucahisar tekfuru Yorgopolos, but went to Konya before he could sign the agreement. Dündar Bey, on the other hand, wants to increase his reputation by signing the agreement, for this reason, they set off towards Kulucahisar by having the tekfura prepare gifts. The assassination of Princess Sofia was arranged. Osman Gazi was also hostile to him for breaking the assassination, and sent his men after him and ambushed Osman Gazi, causing Bamsı Beyrek’s son Aybars to be martyred. What Happened in the 2nd Season?
  • With the conquest of Kulucahisar Castle, Osman Bey, who drew the anger of Constantinople and the emperor, established peace in the end region. The Byzantine Emperor, who took action against Osman Bey and decided to send one of his most experienced commanders, Aya Nikola, to the region, is determined to eliminate this Turkish brain, who is the hope of all the tribes with his successes. While the surprise raid on the plateau, where Kayı Obası spent his summer, was revealing the ambitions of Byzantium, Osman Bey, who was determined to hold accountable for this baseness; He gathers the Alps together with the task he received from the Aksakallılar.
  • Ertuğrul Bey’s return is greeted with enthusiasm in Kayı Obası, who is trying to heal his wounds. Osman Bey eliminates the Byzantine army. However, Osman Bey does not know that Ertuğrul Bey has come to the camp due to his busy work. Osman Bey will learn that his father, Ertuğrul Gazi, has returned to the camp in the following episodes.

Kurulus Osman

Cast and Characters

  • Burak Özçivit as Osman Bey
  • Nurettin Sönmez as Bamsı
  • Ragıp Savaş as Dündar Bey
  • Saruhan Hünel as Alişar
  • İsmail Hakkı as Samsa
  • Tuğrul Çetiner as Yannis
  • Ayşegül Günay as Zöhre Hatun
  • Alma Terzic as Sofia
  • Emre Basalak as Gündüz Bey
  • Abdül Süsler as Kalonoz
  • Eren Hacısalihoğlu as Batur
  • Özge Törer as Bala Hatun

Season 1 :

The first season (2019–2020) of the Turkish TV series, Kuruluş: Osman, created by Mehmet Bozdağ succeeds the fifth season of the series’ predecessor, Diriliş: Ertuğrul, and precedes the second season of the series. Season one of Kuruluş: Osman is also the sixth season of the two Turkish TV series when including the seasons of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. The first season of the historical drama television series premiered on 20 November 2019 and concluded on 24 June 2020.

Plot :

  • 10 or 15 years after the Berke-Hulagu war, Ertuğrul Ghazi goes to Konya and he leaves his brother, Dündar Bey, in charge of his tribe. Dündar Bey is easily swayed by others into doing their misdeeds. He falls into the trap of the devious Selçuk Sançak Bey, Alişar, and the merciless princess of Kulucahisar, Sofia, who seeks to kill all the Turks. Osman, Dündar’s nephew, can see through Alişar and Sofia’s plans and warns him about them, despite his refusal to listen.
  • As they continue to build more tension against the Kayı, Geyhatu sends Komutan Balgay to cause more trouble and stop the Kayı, especially Osman, from rebelling against the Mongols.
  • Dündar, who bows down to the Mongols becoming the Sançak Bey, can’t see Alişar’s anger over his position being given over to him and he believes him when Alişar blames Osman for his son’s killing. Soon after, along with the threat from Kulucahisar, Dündar is shown the truth, Alişar is beheaded by Osman, and Osman has married his love, Bala. Following this, after many difficulties, Balgay is presumably killed by Osman while Kulucahisar is conquered by the Kayı with Sofia’s death happening in the process.

Season 2 :

The second season (2020–2021) of the Turkish TV series Kuruluş: Osman, created by Mehmet Bozdağ succeeds the first season of the series. Season two of Kuruluş: Osman is also the seventh season of the two Turkish TV series when including the seasons of Diriliş: Ertuğrul and the second season of the historical drama television series. It premiered on 7 October 2020 and finished on 23 June 2021.

Plot :

  • Aya Nikola is sent by the Byzantine Emperor, Andronikos II to become the new Tekfur of İnegöl followed by Ertuğrul’s return in the tribe.
  • Meanwhile, Yavlak Arslan, the new Uç Bey, seeks to create his own state and sees Osman as an obstacle, later on they unite against the new threat created by the new Ilkhan of the Ilkhanate, who allies with Nikola against the Turks of Anatolia. Bala also faces the arrival of Targun, Nikola’s spy who allies with Osman to save her father, İnal Bey. Along with these problems, Osman is elected as the new Bey after his father’s death, whilst he decides to marry a second wife according to his father’s will.
  • After Targun’s death, Osman meets Malhun Hatun and initiates a major battle with the Byzantines, historically known as the Battle of Mount Armenia, as well as trying to find the traitor in the Kayı, as his jealous uncle Dündar helps the Byzantines stir traps for him. Dündar is eventually executed by Osman for his betrayal.
  • Following the arrival of Ömer Bey, father of Malhun Hatun, Geyhatu sends Kara Şaman Togay, son of Baycu Noyan, to eliminate both Osman’s Kayı and Ömer’s Bayındır, but after a series of conflicts between the two tribes, Togay fails and is killed by Osman. Nikola is later defeated by Osman, with the support of Seljuk Sultan Mesud II, though he survives.
  • Osman later marries Malhun Hatun in a political marriage, who eventually gives birth to Osman’s first son Orhan, whilst his first wife Bala Hatun becomes pregnant.

Season 3 :

  • Malhun Hatun learns of Bala Hatun’s pregnancy and is thus jealous of her. Osman Bey faces Harmankaya Tekfur Mikhael Kosses (Köse Mihal) and Bilecik Tekfur Rogatus Laskaris for Papaz Gregor, a priest who was imprisoned by Byzantine Emperor and he later escaped with help of Tekfur Rogatus. Turgut Bey, is a brave alp and turk Bey who opposes the Byzantines and later forms strong alliances with Osman Bey.
  • Osman Bey has conflicts again with his old enemy Tekfur Aya Nikola who is helped by the Catalan Company which includes Diego and the leader Anselmo. Osman Bey eventually manages to defeat the Catalans. Tekfur Aya Nikola wants to marry Mari [Tekfur Mikhael Kosses Sister] who in turn has fallen in love with Turgut Bey. She escapes the forced alliance and soon with her brother’s blessings marries Turgut Bey. Later Osman Bey and Bala Hatun are blessed with a baby boy who is named Alaeddin Ali.
  • A huge feast is held to celebrate this joyous occasion. Meanwhile Osman and his alps capture and bring both Alemshah and Geyhatu to the tribe to hold them accountable for their actions and Alemshah is executed by Osman despite Sultan Mesud’s disapproval. Later, Turgut Bey’s pregnant wife Maryam Hatun (Mari) dies due to poisoning and Gunduz Bey comes under suspicion for the same. Osman faces a lot of hurdles in his quest to prove his brother’s innocence along with encountering a new enemy determined to cause harm to his people and his plans in building a future state.

Kurulus Osman English Subtitles

Production :

The season was written and produced by Mehmet Bozdağ and directed by Metin Günay. The theme music is by Alpay Göktekin and Zeynep Alasya.

Filming :

  • It was filmed in a plateau set up in Riva, Beykoz. A separate part of the shooting location was reserved for the horses and animals of the series, where they lived in a natural environment and were looked after by their instructors.
  • A separate part of the shooting location was reserved for the horses and animals of the series, where they lived in a natural environment and were looked after by their instructors.At the shooting location of the series, huge castles, inns, baths, mosques, churches were meticulously built to the finest detail.
  • At the time when the series was first being filmed, 60 separate teams of carpenters were working on the plateau, the largest in Europe, and 1500 people were working feverishly for the first season.In the series, an 800-meter artificial lake was transformed into a huge river.

Casting :

  • At first, when the series was named Diriliş: Osman, Aslıhan Karalar, the actress who played Burçin Hatun, was thought to play the role of Malhun Hatun,who didn’t even appear in this season.
  • The thought was established due to the fact that Malhun Hatun was Osman I’s first wife according to history and that Aslıhan Karalar was the first young actress who was confirmed to join the series. However, in the series, Osman’s first partner is Bala Hatun played by the Turkish actress Özge Törer.This was only revealed with the release of the series’ first episode.

Music :

The theme music is by Alpay Göktekin and Zeynep Alasya. Alpay Göktekin died on 5 May 2020, so therefore, could only compose the music for season one of the series.

Kurulus Osman

Kuruluş Osman

Osman the founder

Dirilis osman

Kurulus Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 4

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Kusursuz Kiracı

Kusursuz Kiracı

The Perfect Tenant

Kusursuz Kiraci – The arson cases in different parts of Istanbul do not stop. After a childhood in an orphanage, young internet reporter Mona, who works hard to hold on to life on her own, is assigned to follow the fires.

  • One day when she returns from the news, she becomes homeless when the owner of the house, with whom she has a quarrel, throws her belongings in front of the door. Leyla, who works as a policeman and is her only close friend, whom she has known since the orphanage, cannot move in with him because she is on a secret mission and is left helpless. She is forced to accept the offer from her colleague Yakup, who was with her at the time, to move as a tenant in his own apartment. However, things do not turn out as she had hoped. An unpleasant surprise awaits her in Yuva Apartment, where she will meet very strange characters… This is, Kusursuz Kiraci (The Perfect Tenant).

Kusursuz Kiracı

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Synopsis :

  • Original Title: Kusursuz Kiracı
  • English Title: The Perfect Tenant
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Broadcast Network: FOX TV
  • Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
  • Producer: Asena Bülbüloğlu
  • Writer: Nermin Yıldırım
  • Release Date: 30th August 2022

Kusursuz Kiracı

  • The main character, Mona (Dilan Çiçek Deniz), is a young woman who grew up in an orphanage. She works for the internet newspaper and has been reporting on house arson cases in different parts of Istanbul recently. Again, one day when he goes to the news of the fire, they come across the photo reporter Yakup (Serkay Tütüncü), who came to do the same news. Although they secretly like each other, they bicker about because they have completely opposite characters.
  • Returning from the news, Mona sees that the owner of the house, with whom she is already in a fight, has put her belongings in front of the door and is now homeless. Since her friend from the orphanage and now a police officer, Leyla (Melisa Döngel), is on a secret mission, she has to accept the offer of her new acquaintance Yakup to become a tenant in her house, which was later divided into two by a strange architecture, as a temporary solution. However, on the first day that Mona moves into the apartment, she realizes that strange things are going on in the Yuva Apartment. The neighbors, who act mysteriously, do not seem happy at all that he has moved into the apartment. It’s clear that something extraordinary is going on inside, but before Mona has time to understand what’s going on, she runs into an unexpected, serious problem.

Kusursuz Kiracı

Cast of the series :

Dilan Çiçek Deniz – Mona Ünkap

  • She’s a reporter early in her career. She has been investigating the ongoing fires in Istanbul for a while. Since she has a very clear sense of guilt, she cannot forgive herself easily when she misbehaves in any matter.
  • Having to grow up in an orphanage, Mona started her life with a 1-0 defeat. She worked, toiled, trained herself, received a good education, and managed to save herself by coming out of the impossible. Her disadvantaged past has been both a weakness and a strength. Although She may seem like a strong young woman who knows what she is doing and even breaks out of her job, she carries a wounded, timid child inside. Open to love.
  • But she doesn’t quite know what to do when she is loved. In order not to succumb to fragility, she grew up finding defense mechanisms against life.“No matter what happens in life, one will be self-sufficient, no one will be approached too much, no one will be trusted too much, nothing will be expected from anyone, one will not lean on anyone…”

Kusursuz Kiraci Dilan Çiçek Deniz

  • Dilan Çiçek Deniz is a Turkish actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Turkey 2014 and represented her country in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. She is known for her role as Sena Koçovali in the television show Cukur.
  • She was born in Sivas. His parents are teachers. Her mother is Hale Temizyürek and her father is Orhan Deniz. She followed three years of theatrical studies at her high school. At the age of 15, she wrote a book of poems titled I taught that the sun is my mother in the Turkish language. At 17, she participated in her school’s theater competition and won an action prize. She started with a major in tourism at Ege University. But she soon changed her major to literature.
  • Dilan participated in the Elidor Miss Turkey 2014 beauty pageant and won 2nd place. In 2015, Miss Universe which took place in Miami, she represented Turkey. In 2015, she played the character “Ebru” in “Tatli Küçük Yalancilar”. In this TV show she performed with Bensu Soral, Sükrü Özyildiz, Alperen Duymaz, Beste Kökdemir, Büsra Develi, Burak Deniz.
  • In 2015, she also played the role of Elif in the TV show “Günesin Kizlari” with Hande Erçel and Tolga Saritas.
  • Dilan was crowned Miss Universe Turkey. At the same pageant with three other winners of Miss Turkey 2014. Dilan and three queens who were crowned Miss World Turkey as the official winner of the pageant, Miss Earth Turkey as third and last place as Miss International Turkey. The Miss Turkey 2014 pageant was held at Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27.

Serkay Tütüncü – Yakup Ortaç

Kusursuz Kiraci Serkay Tütüncü

  • Yakup is someone who knows how to make fun of life and likes to live with light steps and joy. Although he does not have as deep ethical values ​​in journalism as Mona, he loves his job and has fun. Yakup’s compass in life is not what others think, but his own conscience. Underneath all his lightness and comfort lies, above all, a man of great conscientiousness, compassion, and honesty. In other words, he has everything that Mona needs and lacks. He is handsome and he knows it. His sweet self-confidence permeates his actions. But never arrogant.
  • On the contrary, this self-confidence adds comfort to his comfort, so he doesn’t need to be bullied or show off. In all areas of life, he chooses and loves what is unique to him, with a character of his own, not what is suitable for classical and accepted tastes. The only child in the family. Although he is on good terms with his mother, he has a father-son conflict with his father.
  • He did not want to enter the businessman profile desired by his father, who was the owner of a medium-sized company, and studied fine arts, then aspired to relatively low-paying jobs that his father would despise. As a child, he spent his summers with his grandfather, Şuayip. He loves his great-uncle Muzaffer, who he calls his grandfather’s heirloom, and lives downstairs.

Melisa Döngel – Leyla

Kusursuz Kiraci Melisa Döngel

  • Compassionate, relaxed, affectionate, protective, the sweetest friend in the world. She was the same age Mona had met at the orphanage, who she remembered as a sister. Leyla is someone who entered the orphanage from infancy when she was abandoned at the hospital. Despite this, she has an extremely positive character.
  • She is brave, seeking her right, and not avoiding a fight if necessary for this cause. Mona’s mentor during her adulthood, just as she was in her childhood. She is doing her best to protect her. Despite being her age, she acts like an older sister. She shows what Mona couldn’t see. It is the common sense of her friend who is often panicking and helps her see things from different perspectives.

Özlem Tokaslan – Hamiyet

Kusursuz Kiraci Özlem Tokaslan

  • Hamiyet is a gossiper who sits at the window all day watching everyone who enters the apartment and passes by. She married her husband Sami at an early age. But when there was no one who was as energetic and likes to travel, as in her dreams, she chose to deal with the lives of others as a preoccupation in the house where she was closed all day.
  • The locals call it Hamiyet Postası because of her curiosity for gossip and her ability to bring everything to everyone. But she carries the invisible part of the iceberg in her heart just like everyone else in the apartment. We witness another story, other kinds of dreams, and disappointments coming out of the classic gossip apartment neighbor.

Ruhi̇ Sari – Sami

Kusursuz Kiraci Ruhi̇ Sari

  • Working as a civil servant in the Land Registry, Sami was a real slacker. Even if they don’t have a house, they can’t get along at all. For fear of not being able to make it to the end of the month, Sami even turns the heaters on and off, even saying that they are in bed at night, and turns them off completely. There is always a cold issue at home.
  • That’s why Hamiyet always says “I couldn’t get warm” when talking about her husband, in every sense. Sami doesn’t have a very close relationship with anyone at home. He doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter anyway, he doesn’t have a lot of relationships except for mutual talk. When his father died, his mother took Hafize with her, and she is the only one who receives affection from her in the house. We can say that Sami has been sleeping standing up since he was young.
  • All he expects from life is to lie on the sofa with his feet up when he comes home from work. At least that’s what it seems to us for now!

Beyti̇ Engi̇n – Cüneyt Göktürk

  • Cüneyt Göktürk, a retired military officer, is the apartment manager, and he is asked about the layout of the apartment. He has a loud voice and always shouts. He is a man who is fond of order and discipline, who gets up early every morning and continues to do his sports and shave his fly slip, almost as if he had never retired.
  • Cüneyt, who has been very bored since his retirement, is always looking for someone to manage around him, irregularities to put him in order. He is rooting for those around him, especially his own family. It’s obvious that he likes his neighbor Suzi, who lives upstairs. That stern disposition softens when talking to him.

Ümmü Putgül – Sabahat Göktürk

The wife of the apartment manager Cüneyt Göktürk.

  • Sabahat, a retired nurse, spends her retirement days working and toiling under the snarl of her husband, Cüneyt, who has turned the house into military service. The house will always be in order, there will be an order to be drawn with a ruler among the furniture, and the bedtimes will never be changed… Sabahat’s job is difficult.
  • At first glance, she seems like a woman devoted to housework and living quietly in the shadow of her husband. But who in life could be understood at first glance…

Umut Kurt – Nihat Dinç

  • He was raised by his mother after his father died early. Since his mother is a tough type, he was brought up under a lot of pressure and was success-oriented. A simple example of modern man. Living with a focus on success and results has somewhat limited his life. It quickly turns towards those who are in demand and those who receive applause.
  • Circumstances rapidly shape both their ideas and their feelings. He’s the type who doesn’t really question what he really wants or whether he really enjoys what he’s doing. He cares more about how he looks than how he feels. He does sports regularly, loves his muscles, and also shows them in tight clothes… He constantly wants to be approved. He loves his wife, but he does not hesitate to woo the women he sees around, even if he has no intention of cheating. After all, the more likes he gets, the better for him.

Deniz Cengiz – Suzi

  • Suzi is white-collar like her husband. A beautiful, well-groomed woman. She strives to be perfect in everything. But this striving for perfection turns into her biggest flaw as well. Everything should always be under control and perfect. Her hair does not get tangled, her make-up does not flow. Everything always continues to be and appear as it should. Even when she shouldn’t be thinking about anything, we can be sure that she’s thinking about how she looks or whether she’s perfect enough, making a shopping list in her head, or thinking about business at the company.
  • She loves her husband and gets jealous if she senses that he is interested in other women. But there is not such a big crisis among them. His younger brother Mert came to the Suzi’s to study at the university and is staying with them. Suzi is very fond of her sister, who is not like her in any way.

Hasan Şahi̇ntürk- Muzaffer Ortaç

  • Jacob’s great-uncle- grandfather’s brother.
  • Muzaffer Ortaç is a long-term resident of Yuva Apartment.
    Yakup’s grandfather Shuayip’s only brother. The worse he is with his late brother, with whom he does not get along well during his health, the better he is with his heirloom nephew, Yakup. He loves Jacob like his son, as he has never been married and has no children of his own. When Yakup was a child, when he came to Istanbul in the summers, he spent a lot of time with his uncle Muzaffer as well as his grandfather. The beautiful relationship between them still continues.
  • Muzaffer Ortaç is a simple man who does not mix meat and milk. But he has a rich inner world. His biggest hobby is making puppets by shutting himself in the room he uses as a workshop in his house.

Bennu Yıldırımlar – Madame Vula

  • Madame Vula is a bright, graceful, mild-mannered, polite woman who lives in apartment number 4. She is a real old Istanbul lady. She talks about a handsome black and white photo framed by her husband, Niko, who died at a young age. All that is known about Madam Vula is that she once lived in Istanbul, but then left with her family when she was a child and went to Athens, and after years she returned to the city, albeit alone, and settled in this apartment that she bought from Şuayip. A true Istanbul lover. She dresses with an old-timey elegance. Her hands are always elegant, her nails are well-groomed, her fingers are ringed…
  • She lives in a house that smells of elegance and nostalgia, with porcelain sets and old-fashioned liquor glasses. She doesn’t always talk like that, but when she does, she has deep words.

Kusursuz Kiracı

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

Story :

  • Without a last-minute change, the producers planned the series as 4 seasons. Here in this series, we will watch the second season in the following period. So, what awaits us in the new season? In the second season of the Renaissance: Great Seljuk series, the era of Melikşah, who was the first ruler of the Empire, comes to an end. Sultan Alparslan period will form the main axis of the series for 3 seasons in the series, which will proceed with a retrospective narration.
  • Meanwhile, despite all the reactions of both Buğra Gülsoy and the fans of the series, Emre Konuk, the producer of the series “Renaissance: The Great Seljuks”, did not take a step back. The name and actors of the Renaissance: Great Seljuk series will be changed completely. Thus, the Turkish historical TV drama will come to the screen with a completely new story. The Renaissance: Great Seljuk series will now appear in front of the audience under the name Alparslan.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

Synopsis :

  • He is the military commander and ruler who was the second sultan of the Great Seljuk State and directed the arrival and struggle of the Turks from Central Asia to Anatolia.His birth name is Mohammed bin Dawud Çağrı.
  • Alp Arslan, the son of the Khorasan Governor Cagri Bey, one of the founders of the Great Seljuk State, and the nephew of the Seljuk Sultan Tugrul Bey, grew up in the difficult conditions during the founding period of this state.
  • Various sources indicate his date of birth between 1029 and 1032.
  • Büyük Selçuklu (English Title: Great Seljuk) is a Turkish historical drama series written by Serdar Özönalan, directed by Sedat İnci and produced by Emre Konuk.
  • As a prequel to Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu, it depicts the political events and wars during Alp Arslan’s rule as a Malik (prince) of the Seljuk Empire. In the series, Turkish actor Barış Arduç essays the lead role of Alp Arslan alongside Fahriye Evcen who portrays the female lead, Akça Hatun.The series was filmed on the TRT International Film Studios at various locations including Sakarya, Istanbul, and Kocaeli.
  • Turkish musician Gökhan Kırdar composed the opening theme while Kazakh musicians composed other music using instruments from the Turkic world.
  • The series premiered on TRT 1 on 8 November 2021.On the day that the Seljuk Sultan Tugrul Bey will appoint his heir, he receives the news that the Byzantines killed innocent Turks, including women and children. He orders an expedition to Anatolia.
  • Mysterious assassins attack the Seljuk Meliks who went on a campaign.
  • The traces of the attack take the sultan (Barış Arduç) to a place he never expected. While the sultan is after the assassins, he saves the life of a Turkmen girl named Akça Hatun (Fahriye Evcen), who escaped from Byzantine persecution. However, he is unaware of the secrets Akça hides behind her beauty.
  • The Byzantine Emperor sends General Dukas and Captain Romanian Diogenes to Ani to solve the problems with the Turkmen.However, the mistake made by Yannis, son of Ani Tekfuru Kekavmenos, causes Sultan Tuğrul to decide on war.
  • the sultan, who was given the good news of conquests in his dreams as a child, comes face to face with Byzantium in Pasinler with the Seljuk army.
  • Pasinler will be the first step for the sultan on his blessed path to open the doors of Anatolia to the Turks.

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Cast :

  • Baris Arduç : Sultan Muhammed Alparslan
  • Fahriye Evcen Özçivit : Akça Hatun
  • Mehmet Özgür : Nizâmülmülk
  • Yurdaer Okur : Emir Bozan
  • Gizem Karaca : Evdokya

Supporting :

  • Korel Cezayirli as Süleyman: brother of the sultan and Kavurd, son of Çağrı Bey, and husband of Karaca Hatun.
  • Sinan Tuzcu as Constantine X Doukas.
  • Toprak Sergen as Kekavmenos, a Byzantine Tekfur.
  • Fırat Topkorur as Alpagut, son of Temurleng and Akınay Hatun.
  • Emre Kızılırmak as Georgian Prince Rati, son of Prince Liparit.
  • Mehmet Ünal as Georgian Prince Ivan, son of Prince Liparit.
  • Esra Kızıldoğan as Altuncan Hatun: Tuğrul Bey’s wife.
  • Rabia Soytürk as Karaca Hatun: Süleyman’s wife, Tuğrul Bozan’s sister.
  • Uygar Özçelik as İbrahim Yınal: the maternal half brother of Tuğrul Bey and Çağrı Bey. He is the uncle of the sultan, Kavurd and Süleyman.
  • Betül Çobanoğlu as Selcan Hatun: Çağrı Bey’s wife.
  • Hakan Şahin as Kündürî.
  • Esila Umut as Gevher Hatun: sister of the sultan, Kavurd, Süleyman and Begim Şehver.
  • Burak Ali Özkan as Shehzade Mesud, son of the Ghaznavid State emperor Sultan Mevdud, grandson of Çağrı Bey, nephew of the sultan.
  • Ayşegül Ünsal as Akınay Hatun, mother of Alpagut, widow of Temurleng.
  • Burak Şafak as Avar Alp.
  • Onur Aycelik as Artuk Alp.
  • Kutay Sungar as Atsız Alp.
  • Emre Bulut as Afşin Alp.
  • Zeynep Özder as Begim Şehver Sultan: daughter of Çağrı Bey, the wife of the Ghaznavid Sultan Mevdud and the sister of Alparslan, Kavurd, Süleyman and Gevher Hatun (deceased).
  • Metehan Şahiner as Prince Yannis (deceased).


Production :

  • The series has attracted attention with its actors, costumes, historical locations and story. The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice is written by Serdar Özönalan, directed by Sedat İnci and produced by Emre Konuk. After three years of scenario work, every detail was meticulously prepared over 13 months.
  • 350 décor employees, 100 carpenters and a team of 60 people took part on two separate backlots, in which many locations in the series were built. 5000 accessories and costumes, of which 3500 pieces belong to the period, were manufactured in special costume workshops. The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice is the most costly television series produced in Turkey after Diriliş: Ertuğrul. Two cities are built on three backlots and the enormous budget also includes construction fees and the actors’ fees.
  • It is produced by Akli Film, a production company new to the Turkish television industry who has been working with TRT for three years. The production company says that it has a guaranteed contract with TRT for at least 33 episodes or one season. If the series continues, it is expected to have five or six seasons.

Casting :

  • The series includes many popular Turkish actors including Buğra Gülsoy, one of the lead actors, who was noted to have celebrated his birthday on set with his family.
  • After Barış Arduç met with the producer of The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice, he was expected to join the cast.
  • When Hatice Şendil, who portrays the role of Terken Hatun, was asked if Arduç would be joining the cast in the season finale, she said, “I don’t know, but I think he will be [joining the cast]”.
  • Arduç is still rumoured to appear in the series in the role of Berkyaruk. The cast of another popular Turkish television series Çukur have been said by Turkish media to be leaving the series “one by one” to join The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice.
  • The television series also cast an Albanian actor Nik Xhelilaj to play the role of Yorgos. Buğra Gülsoy, and other members of the cast were interviewed about what they thought of the show. Gülsoy said, “I think that the new generation has started to investigate the Seljuk period again thanks to the series.”
  • It was also rumoured that Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, who is interested in history, would join the series’ cast however, he responded to these theories in an announcement saying that he wouldn’t be joining.
  • Birsen Altuntaş reported in May 2021 that Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz would leave the series after the first season, but Abdul Süsler would join the series in the final episodes in the role of “Kıpçak Bey”.

Training :

  • The actors received horse riding and sword training by the action director of the Kazakh Nomad Stunts team, who choreographed Hollywood movies for a month. The actors, who worked on fitness, continuity and coordination, went through a challenging training program in this process.
  • Janbi Ceylan, who portrays Aydoğdu, was also responsible for the horse-training of the cast.

Filming :

  • According to the producer Emre Konuk, the series is filmed on the TRT International Film Set” It was specifically filmed at various locations including Sakarya, Istanbul and Kocaeli.
  • The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice came to the screen with the longest battle scene and production details in Turkish television history.
  • A total of 400 actors, excluding the main ones, 100 of them on horseback, took part in the battle scene. Preparation took 60 days, and the shooting took eight days.
  • The actors received horse riding and sword training by the action director of the Kazakh Nomad Stunts team, who choreographed Hollywood movies for a month. The actors who worked on fitness, continuity and coordination went through a challenging training program during this process.
  • For the battle scene in the first episode, 45 stuntmen and 120 supporting actors were given tough action and choreography training by Nomad Stunts for 15 days at the shooting location.
  • During the shootings, ambulances, medical teams and veterinarians were present in case of any negative situation. The horse trainers provided by the Nomad Stunt team travelled around various cities of Anatolia, and only 15 horses among 150 horses, which were available for training, were included in the project.
  • Horses were trained for a period of one month. Archery training was provided to the cast by a different company. In 2021, around 260 set workers left their jobs accusing Akli Film of leaving them with difficult working conditions, lack of payment, lack of hygiene and being subject to mobbing.
  • Although the production company promised to solve the issues experienced by the set-décor workers, Turkish media said they took no action. Organisations later took notice criticising Akli Film and asking them to listen to their demands as soon as possible. In a statement, Konuk said that Azerbaijani Culture Minister Anar Karimov visited the set.
  • According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the first season of the series will end with 36 episodes, while other sources say that the same journalist said that there will be 33 episodes.


Great Seljuk

alp arslan

alparslan buyuk selcuklu

Alparslan English Subtitles Season 1

Alparslan English Subtitles Season 2

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The series ‘Teşkilat (The Agency)’, which will tell the extraordinary experiences of MIT, begins to meet the audience every Sunday on TRT 1. Produced by TIMS&B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sagyaşar, the production will be shown on TRT 1 on Sunday, March 7th. Fans of the show are also curious about who the actors in the new series are and the overall topic of the series. Meanwhile, where the show was filmed is among the topics being questioned. So, what’s the agency talking about, who are its players?

  • With the series ‘Teşkilat (The Agency)’, images from the campus of the National Intelligence Service (MIT), known as the castle, will be displayed for the first time. Some of the methods used by MIT in mission application technology and the latest developments in UAV/DRONE technology will also meet the audience. Here are the details about the cast and synopsis of Teşkilat (The Agency) series…
  • The first presentation of the series Teşkilat (The Agency), starring Caglar Ertuğrul, Deniz Baysal Yurtçu, Mesut Akusta, Ezgi Eyüboglu, Ezgi Senler, Mehmet Usta, Tuncer Salman, Nihat Altinkaya and Serdar Yeghin, attracted great attention. The show premieres tonight with its first episode.


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Directed by Yağz Alp Akaydin, Teşkilat (The Agency) series conveys MIT’s extraordinary experiences to the script, while in Ankara, for the first time in a long time, the series is being filmed with a production of this magnitude.

Synopsis of Teşkilat (The Agency) :

  • The subject of the series, which is highly anticipated with its strong cast and magnificent production and will reveal the behind the scenes of MIT in a sense, is as follows; This team, led by experienced intelligence officer Mete Bey (Mesut Akusta), is scheduled to carry out many covert operations at home and abroad; in order for these operations to reach the target and be effective, team members are obliged to be known on paper and “officially” dead…
  • Mr. Mete met individually with Zehra (Deniz Baysal Yurtcu), Haki Uncle (Tuncer Salman), Pinar (Ezgi Senler), Hulki (Nihat Altinkaya), Uzay (Serdar Yeghin) and Gürcan (Ahmet Ugur Say), who he thought of in the team, and told each of them that everyone who knew them and their families should “know they are dead” and offered to accept this.
  • Serdar Kilicaslan (Caglar Ertuğrul), the most popular name of the agency, is chosen for the leadership of this team, which brings together the best intelligence officers of the organization. While Serdar is between his love of homeland and his love Ceren (Ezgi Eyüboglu) (because he will know That Ceren de Serdar is “dead” as part of this mission), the other members of the team of intelligence officers, each specializing in his field, realize that they will go down an irreversible path.

Character and Cast :


Caglar Ertuğrul as Serdar :

  • Who is Serdar? Serdar’s family is one of the agency’s most popular intelligence officers, died in Germany at the age of 10 in an attack by neo-nazis. He was brought home in Serdar and raised under the supervision of Mr. Mete. Serdar, the charismatic leader of the team, was trained as a fully equipped organizer from childhood and is a master of melee and weapons use.
  • Caglar Ertuğrul was born in Izmir in 1987. He graduated from Koç University in mechanical engineering. During his college years, he starred in the theatre.

Deniz Baysal as Zahra :

Teskilat Deniz Baysal

  • Zehra, who is a representative of logic in the team, is known for her intelligence and calmness. Zahra, who can remain calm even in the most severe crises, is an intelligence officer who makes realistic and rational decisions.

Deniz Baysal :

  • Deniz Baysal, who starred in the agency series, will play Zahra in the series. Deniz Baysal, who previously starred with Caglar Ertuğrul in different series, joined the cast of the agency series. Caglar Ertuğrul and Deniz Baysal will star in the series. Born on April 5, 1991 in Izmir, Deniz Baysal is a successful actor who has appeared in many series. Finally, in the 7th century. He will star in the series Deniz Baysal, which starred in The Miracle on the Ward. In Deniz Baysal Agency series

Ezgi Eyüboglu as Ceren :

  • Ceren is Serdar’s lover, she is an attractive and sympathetic woman. Ceren, who works miracles in the kitchen and lives off selling french sauces he makes, has more than meets the eye in her character.
  • Ezgi Eyüboglu will star in The Agency. Ezgi Eyüboglu was born in Ankara in 1988. He studied advanced acting at Bahçeşehir University. My Heart Chose You, The Magnificent Century, The World of Lies, Revenge, Prohibition, Ulan Istanbul, Name happiness, A Family Story, My Companion 2 films and series.

Tuncer Salman as Uncle Haki :

  • Uncle Haki, the old wolf of the team, is a human being. With years of experience, he has also developed expertise in the analysis of human behavior. He’s known as the best in the agency when it comes to tracking.
  • Tuncer Saman was included in the cast of the agency series. Tuncer Salman was born on March 15, 1965 in Uşak province. Tuncer Salman in The Agency

Mesut Akusta as Mete :

  • Mr. Mete, the mentor and founder of the team, is a statesman. He is a character who puts everything on the line for the survival of the state and stands out for his ability to think strategically. With his sophisticated intellectually cumulative personality, he can develop different perspectives in his work.
  • Mesut Akusta, an actor in the agency series, plays Mete. Mesut Akusta is part of the cast of the new series, which will discuss the issue of national intelligence. Born in 1964, he appeared in Wolves Valley Ambush, Lunar Eclipse, Karagul, Edho, Bör, Confrontation, Miracle in Ward Seven and Babylon. Mesut Akusta is a successful actor and will also star in the new series Agency.

Ezgi Senler as Pinar :

  • Who is the pinar character; She’s a dress-up and plastic makeup expert. Pinar, known for his ability to disguise herself, originally found herself an intelligence officer when she wanted to be an actress. It has the most important role in the civilian foot operations of the team.
  • Ezgi Şenler, who joined the cast of the agency series, last appeared in The Penthouse Love. Born in 1993, Ezgi Şenler graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. He has appeared in series films such as Bodrum Tale, Canevim and Breathless.

Eneshan Nalbant :

  • Eneshan Nalbant born in Ankara in 1996, Eneshan Nalbant last appeared in I Loved You Once. Eneshan Nalbant, who also played an important role in You Everywhere, was part of the cast of The Organization. Eneshan Nalbant is in the cast of The Agency

Atlay Howl :

  • Atlay Uluişk was born in Adana in 1977. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematical Engineering. He’s been on our show. He also played Teacher Kemal in the nineties series.

Nihat Altinkaya as Hulki :

  • Who is hulki character; Hulki, who is ambitious, is a hyperactive character who can’t stand still. He’s known for his fascination with guns. He also specializes in melee and advanced driving techniques.
  • Nihat Altinkaya was born in Karabuk in 1979. She won the 2012 Survivor competition. Nihat Altinkaya is both a model and an actress. He appeared in The Thousand and One Nights, Leaf Casting, Dusty Roads, Karadayi, Medcezir, Black Bread, High Society Promise and Hand-Off series.

Mehmet Usta as Zayed Fadi :

  • Zayed Fadi, who spent his childhood in poverty in Palestine, lost his mother because he could not get her treated for lack of money, and at that young age she set out to have “power” and money at all costs. According to him, everything that is done to achieve power and money is fair. Subcontractor of all the dirty work that’s been turned around in the Middle East. Smart, arrogant and ruthless.
  • Mehmet Usta is one of the actors who will star in the agency series. He made the actor famous for his role in Rag Doll. After Mehmet Usta, we watched the films Henna Lambs, The Imam, Bread Boat and Ruhsar.

Serdar Yeghin as Uzay :

  • Uzay is statistics graduate, he is a bright mind who has a PhD at Yale. He’s an analyst for the team. Planning operations makes the most accurate reading of developments, and when the team is in operation, he always plans one step ahead. A bright mind that always plans one step from now.
  • Serdar Yeghin was born in Bursa in 1980. He studied at Bursa Tayyare Cultural Center and appeared in theatre plays. He took part in Bursa State Theatre. Adanalı has appeared in detective brothers, love game, rose oya in my circle, sword day, serenity street and blinding series.

Pervin Unalp :

  • Actor Pervin Ünalp was born in Amasya. Pervin Ünalp graduated from Ankara University, Department of Theater. Berna Türkkan cast is registered with the agency. Pervin Ünalp has appeared in the tv series States of Our House, Yer Gök Aşk, Alev Alev, I Wrote His Name in My Heart, Destiny, Queen of the Night, Rafadan Crew, Şevkat Yerdar.

Bora Karakul :

  • Bora Karakul was born in Ankara in 1978. Bora Karakul graduated from Ankara University with a degree in Acting. He made his first appearance in The Commanding Officer. Bora Karakul Behzat Ç, Forgive Me, Take Care of Yourself.


teskilat season 1

teskilat season 2

teskilat season 3


The Agency

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Seni Kalbime Sakladım

Seni Kalbime Sakladım

I Hid You In My Heart

  • Unlike other romantic comedy series will tell about the love between a rich and powerful woman and a poor man. In romantic comedies, the stories are often the opposite. The series is eagerly awaited, especially by Sevda Erginci’s fans.
  • Seni Kalbime Sakladim English subtitles
    The first series poster, which stars Sevda Erginci and Ekin Mert Daymaz, tells the story of the romance between Civanmert, the fearless neighbourhood youngster known as the “yekfinger valet,” and Zeynep, the bright, talented, and beautiful woman who runs the family business. Along with the main stars, the poster also included actors who portrayed significant characters in the series, including Gökçe Akyldz, Osman Alkaş, Mehtap Bayri, Gülseren Gültunca, and Elçin Afacan.
  • Two different lives, two different worlds… Will Zeynep and Civanmert be able to escape the love of their destiny?
  • Zeynep, who is the manager of a famous pharmaceutical company, faces the pressure of marriage from her grandfather Yusuf Abdullah, who is the owner of the company, after the unfounded news reflected in the press. While Zeynep is looking for a temporary lover to please her grandfather, Civanmert, who is famous as a “one-finger valet”, appears before her.
  • Because of his mother’s carelessness, Civanmert also got into a big debt. Zeynep offers him an offer; They will pretend to be lovers for a short time, and when the time comes, they will go their separate ways. In the end, both will benefit. Civanmert is forced to accept the offer, albeit reluctantly. And so begins the fairytale love game between Civanmert and Zeynep, who have completely different lives.

Seni Kalbime Sakladım

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Synopsis :

  • The upcoming series of TRT1 screens attracted attention with its first presentation. The synopsis of the series and its actors are curious. We have compiled for you the ones who are curious about the series starring Sevda Erginci and Ekin Mert Daymaz. Here are the details…
  • The shooting of the TV series , which will appear in front of the audience on TRT1 screens in a short time, continues at a fast pace. While the famous names in the cast of the project work in harmony, the actors also have a fun time during the set. So, when will the series will start, when will the first episode of the series be broadcast? According to the statements made on the subject, statements were made that the project in question would meet with the audience on TRT 1 screens in a short time.
  • With its strong cast and warm story, making preparations for an ambitious entrance to the new season, the shooting of the TV series  continues in Istanbul.
  • The project, starring Ekin Mert Daymaz and Sevda Erginci, is about an emotional love story. In addition, it is learned that the TV series team works in harmony on the set, and it is stated that the actors waiting for their scenes as much as in front of the camera also have a lot of fun behind the camera
  • The cast, who had fun while waiting for their scenes, made a name for themselves with their harmony. The director of the project is Şenol Sönmez, while the scenario of the project is written by Pınar Kaya and Burcu Yılmaz. In the series, the relationship between Zeynep, who is beautiful, resourceful, intelligent and manages the family business, and Civanmert, a neighborhood boy, will be on the screen.
  • In the series in question, Gülseren Gürtunca, Osman Alkaş, Evren Duyal, Elçin Afacan, Mehtap Bayri, Ali Öner, Gökçe Akyıldız, Ferhat Baynal, Berke Üsdiken, Emre Taşkıran, Sibel Ayten, İlayda Yıldırım, Derda Yasir Yenal, Denizhan Kınacıgil, Özge Akdeniz, Ayberk There are successful names such as Aladar and Tarık Ündüz.
  • Şenol Sönmez is the director of the TV series , written by Burcu Yılmaz and Pınar Kaya. Shown as one of the ambitious summer series, tells the love story of Zeynep and Civanmert, who live in two different lives and in two different worlds.
  • The series is a Turkish-made romantic comedy television series by Sev Yapım, whose first episode will air on June 30, 2022. Ekin Mert Daymaz and Sevda Erginci star in the series
  • English title: You are in my heart is a Turkish-made romantic comedy television series signed by Sev Yapım, which will soon be broadcast on TRT 1. Ekin Mert Daymaz and Sevda Erginci are in the lead roles in the series.
  • Original Title: Seni Kalbime Sakladım
  • English Title: You are in my heart
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Broadcast Network: TRT1
  • Director: Şenol Sönmez
  • Writer: Burcu Yılmaz, Pınar Kaya
  • Release Date: 30th June 2022

Cast of the series :

  • In the cast of the series, Sevda Erginci, Ekin Mert Daymaz, Osman Alkaş, Gülseren Gürtunca, Evren Duyal, Mehtap Bayri, Elçin Afacan, Gökçe Akyıldız, Ali Öner, Berke Üsdiken, Ferhat Baynal, Sibel Aytan, Derda Yasir Yenal, Emre Taşkıran, İlayda Yıldırım, Tarık Ündüz, Denizhan Kınacıgil, Özge Akdeniz, Ramiz Mullamusa and Ayberk Aladar.
  • Ekin Mert Daymaz and Sevda Erginci take the lead roles in the romantic comedy. Here is the information about the synopsis and the casts of the series….
  • Şenol Sönmez sits in the director’s chair of the ambitious production to be broadcast on TRT screens this summer, while the screenplay is written by Burcu Yılmaz and Pınar Kaya. Akyıldız became the second main female character of the project, starring Sevda Erginci and Ekin Mert Daymaz. The two successful actors met for the second time in the same series after the TV series El Kızı. The general story of the series will be on this page as soon as possible.

Seni Kalbime Sakladım

  • Sevda Erginci – Zeynep
  • Ekin Mert Daymaz – Civanmert
  • Gokce Akyildiz – Deren
  • Mehtap Bayri – Turkish
  • Elçin Afacan – Reyhan
  • Evren Duyal –
  • Osman Alkash – Yusuf
  • Gülseren Gürtunca – Justice
  • Tarik Unduz – Canberk
  • Berke Üsdiken – Trust
  • Ali Öner – Mete
  • Emre Taskiran – Pamir
  • Derda Yasin Yanal – Olcay

Sevda Erginci :

Seni Kalbime Sakladım

  • Sevda Erginci was born on 3 October 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey. Her father is from Mardin, and her mother is a Macedonian immigrant.
  • Erginci began acting at the age of 15, taking part in the play Paki ve Sevgi Çiçekleri for Semaver Company, and then took acting lessons at Kenter Theatre.
  • In 2012, she was cast in Koyu Kırmızı alongside Özgü Namal and Ozan Güven, and in the same year appeared in the historical drama Veda. Between 2013–2014, she portrayed the character of Ayşe in Karagül. She made her cinematic debut in 2015 with a role in Uzaklarda Arama, written by Onur Ünlü.
  • After playing main roles in Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır and Ver Elini Aşk, she was cast in Yasak Elma, portraying the character of Zeynep Yilmaz. In 2019, she played the role of İpek Gencer in Sevgili Geçmiş.
  • In 2020, she starred in the historical series Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu and depicted the character of Turna Hatun

Ekin Mert Daymaz :

Seni Kalbime Sakladım

  • Daymaz was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands, to a family who were originally from Sivas. He later became a contestant on Best Model of Turkey and ranked 3rd. As of 2018, he has appeared in five different series. His debut series, Not Defteri (2014), came to an end due to low ratings.
  • The next summer, he portrayed the character of Volkan Mazharoğlu on Çilek Kokusu. It was followed by his role on FOX’s series Hayat Sevince Güzel, in which he appeared in a leading role.
  • The series was the most-viewed program in Turkey between 11 July – 15 August 2016.
  • Daymaz studies coaching and fitness at Haliç University.

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Even luck would not pass by without getting lost in the series, but it plunged headlong into those who chose each other as brothers… This time, the journey of hope began… It made them touch every street they passed, every person they named, those who were hungry for cruelty, injustice, love… This was everyone’s story. They were just the lucky ones among us.


Tozluyaka English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality on turkish123 ;

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  • ochahid.

  • Original Title: Tozluyaka
  • English Title: The Dusty Collar
  • Genre: Drama
  • Broadcast Network: Fox TV
  • Director: Semih Bağcı
  • Producer: Fatih Aksoy, Mehmet Yiğit Alp
  • Writer: Yekta Torun
  • Release Date: 27th June 2022
  • Premiered: Mon, Jun 27, 2022
  • Status: Running
  • Schedule: Mondays at 20:00
  • Runtime: 120 mins

Synopsis :

  • One of the new series to be shot for the summer months was Tozlu Yaka series. The new series of NTC media, Tozlu Yaka, which has undertaken the shooting of the TV series Kırgın Çiçekler, Aşk ve Mavi, Can Kırıkları, Maria ile Mustafa and Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk, which is currently broadcast on TV8 screens.
  • The shooting of the series Tozlu Yaka, in which Semih Bağcı will sit in the director’s chair, begins in June. The series, which will be broadcast on Fox TV screens, is preparing to be one of the ambitious productions of the summer months.
  • Like many channels, Fox TV will enter the summer with bomb-like series. It looks like it will take a good place in the ratings with Tozlu Yaka series, after the series Senden Daha Guzel, which will be on the screens soon. Although it started as a summer series, the series is expected to be long-term.
  • If the series is successful, the series will continue to come to the screens in the 2022-2023 season. So, who plays the lead roles in Tozlu Yaka series? What is the story of Tozlu Yaka series? Who are in the casts? The answers to the questions about the new series Tozlu Yaka are in our news…
  • The series, which is expected to meet with the audience in June, is expected to make an effective debut.


Cast of Dusty Yak :

  • Nilsu Berfin Aktas
  • Burak Dakak
  • Cagla Simsek
  • Tayanc Ayaydın
  • Dolunay Soysert
  • Nebil Sayin
  • Nur Writer
  • Ancient Yaşar
  • Serra Brass
  • Can Bartu Aslan

Tayanç Ayaydın

Tozluyaka Tayanç Ayaydın

  • Tayanç Ayaydın (born 7 August 1979) is a Turkish actor. Ayaydın was born in 1979 in Istanbul. He started his education at the Private Doğa College’s primary school.
  • Profile Name: Tayanç Ayaydın
  • Height: 5′11″
  • Born: 7 Aug 1979
  • Birth Place: İstanbul, Turkey
  • Currently Dating: Sally Ghalayini
  • He finished his high school education at Tercüman High School and İstek Foundation High School. He eventually graduated from Mimar Sinan University with a degree in theatre studies. He first rose to prominence with his role in the TV series Aliye as Doctor Kahraman. For his role in Ben Hopkins’s 2008 movie Pazar-Bir Ticaret Masalı, he won the Best Actor award at the Locarno Film Festival.
  • In 2009, he was cast in Sakarya Fırat, in which he portrayed the role of a gendarme official named Osman Kanat. In 2016, he appeared in a recurring role on Kanal D drama series Hayat Şarkısı, playing the character of Hüseyin Cevher. The following year he joined the cast of teen drama Kırgın Çiçekler.

Nilsu Berfin Aktas

Tozluyaka Nilsu Berfin Aktas

  • Nilsu Berfin Aktas is a Turkish actress, who is best known for Kuzey Yildizi (2019), Rastlanti (2019) and Olum Zamani (2021). Born on , 1998, Nilsu Berfin Aktas hails from Ankara, Turkey. As in 2022, Nilsu Berfin Aktas’s age is 24 years.
  • Check below for more deets about Nilsu Berfin Aktas. This page will put a light upon the Nilsu Berfin Aktas bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.
  • Nilsu Berfin Aktas was born on August 17, 1998 in Ankara. She is an actress, known for Kuzey Yildizi (2019), Rastlanti (2019) and Kolej.

Burak Dakak

Tozluyaka English Subtitles

  • was born on June 8, 1998 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Çukur (2017), Dirilis: Ertugrul (2014) and Ezel (2009).
  • In 2014, he acted as Fevzi in the Turkish drama Benim Adim Gultepe.
    Burgeoning Turkish television star most well known for bringing to life Sehzade Mehmed on the 2016 series Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem.
  • He made his first professional acting appearance in 2008 on the television series Dogruluk Ekseni.
  • He was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey.
    In the historical drama Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem, he supported leading actress Beren Saat and actor Ekin Koc.

Çagla Simsek

  • Çagla Simsek was born on August 1, 2002 in Istanbul. She is an actress, known for Ferhat ile Sirin (2019), Elif (2014) and Vay Arkadas (2010). She was previously married to Ömer.

Serra Pirinç

  • Serra Pirinç was born on June 19, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Vuslat (2019), Kagit Ev (2021) and Bizim Hikaye (2017).

Dolunay Soysert

  • Dolunay Soysert was born on March 25, 1973 in Adana, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Mavi Gözlü Dev (2007), Hara and Orada (2009). She has been married to Sinan Tuzcu since July 9, 2006.

Emre Kinay

Tozluyaka Emre Kinay

  • Emre Kinay was born on March 5, 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Insaat (2003), L’empire des loups (2005) and Iki Aile (2006). He was previously married to Emine Ün.

Tozlu Yaka Filming Location

  • In the series Tozlu Yaka, whose shooting was completed in Istanbul, 4 promotional trailers were released one after the other, in which the poor children of a district called Tozlu Yaka will have to study at a college with rich children, and their lives and loves in the conflict between the rich and the poor will be brought to the screens. Here are the trailers of the series…

Tozlu Yaka Release Date

  • Channels started to broadcast entertaining summer series one after the other for the summer season. After Fox TV’s Senden Daha Guzel series, Gizli Sakli series was released. Now, another ambitious series, Tozlu Yaka, starts on Monday, June 27, 2022 at 08 P.M.

General Information

  • One of the new projects of Fox TV, which has made great efforts to keep the audience on the screen with its different TV series projects, has emerged as Tozlu Yaka (Dusty Collar). Although there is no clear information about the story yet, it is known that it will be a youth production.
  • Nilsu Berfin Aktaş and Burak Dakak share the lead roles in Tozlu Yaka TV series, which continues at full speed. Tayanç Ayaydın, Dolunay Soysert, Kadim Yaşar, Can Bartu Aslan, Serra Rice, Nebil Sayın and Nur Yazar are in the cast of Tozlu Yaka series.
  • The beautiful actress Nilsu Berfin Aktaş is known for her “Kuzey Yıldızı: İlk Aşk” series and the successful series came to the screen for 2 seasons. Nilsu Berfin Aktaş gave life to the character of Gökçe in the series. Finally, she acted as Pınar in the TV series “Kalp Yarası”.
  • Successful young actor Burak Dakak took part in many successful productions. Some of them gave life to the character of Akın Koçovalı in the TV series “The Magnificent Century Kösem”, “Dirilis Ertuğrul”, “Gülperi” and finally the series Çukur, which broke the rating records for 4 seasons.
  • Two young and successful actors Nilsu Berfin Aktaş and Burak Dakak met in the series Tozlu Yaka. They will come together as a new drama couple.
  • It was noteworthy that NTC Media started to make agreements with young talents who left their mark on the last period, while the cast of the series, which had an intense preparation process, was being formed. The series, which will be directed by Semih Bağcı, also aims to attract young people to the screen.
  • It was noteworthy that an agreement was signed with Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, who set an example for young people with their great career breakthroughs in recent years, and that negotiations with Burak Dakak continued. Burak Dakak is also expected to accept the project.
  • Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, who was born in 1998 in Ankara, had a big break with the character of Gökçe in the series Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star). The actress, who also gained experience with the series ölüm Zamanı (Death Time), Benim Hayatım (My Life) and Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound), will now showcase her talents in a new series in which she will take the lead role.
  • Burak Dakak got a big break with the character of Akın Koçovalı in the Çukur (The Pit) series. Burak Dakak, whom we started to see on the sets with the Ezel series in 2009, has been involved in very ambitious projects. Benim Adım Gültepe, Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem, Diriliş Ertuğrul series offered good experience opportunities for the young actor.
  • It is stated that the young actor who has been successful in sharing the same stage with Demet Akbağ, Salih Bademci and Sinem Ünsal in the theater play Aydınlıkevler, is warmly attracted to the Tozlu Yaka series.
  • Another important name appeared in the new youth series of Fox TV. Çağla Şimşek was also included in the team… You can remember Çağla Şimşek, who was born in 2001 and has been on the sets since the age of 6, from many projects. The character of Lavin in the TV series Hayat Devam Ediyor (Life Continues) was talked about for a while. Likewise, the character of Zehra in the Küçük Gelin (Little Bride) series was also among the unforgettable.
  • Having a large fan base abroad with Reyhan in the Elif series, Çağla Şimşek also gave a remarkable performance as Ayşe in the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers). The actress, who also appeared in Fox TV’s Elkızı series this season, will return to the Fox TV screen with Tozlu Yaka.
  • Bringing together Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, Burak Dakak and Çağla Şimşek with influential young actors, new actors will join the series Tozlu Yaka and it is expected that the series will come to the fore even more in the process.

Tozlu yaka

The Dusty Collar

Tozluyaka Season 1